Mount Wachusett, Elevation 2,001Ft

I must admit, I used to think nothing of Mount Wachusett. 
When we would drive by the signs on 140 on our way “Up North” (to bigger and better mountains…), I almost felt sorry for it.
First, I thought there were no ‘mountains’ in Massachusetts.

Second, I will forever associate Mount Wachusett with the darn radio jingle with which every New Englander is familiar.


My immature thoughts aside, I quickly realized that Mount Wachusett deserves far more credit!


There is a welcome center and parking lot at the bottom of the mountain with bathrooms, maps and exhibits about Wachusett. 
Follow the signs to the toll road. 
There is a fee which you pay at a kiosk at the foot of the summit road.

It was $4 the first time we went, and the second it was $10.

If you aren’t prepared to wing it, be sure to call or check the website for current pricing. 

Look for this sign – NOT the signs for the ski area!

The road is paved, marked and in good condition with a mild grade.

It can easily fit two cars, though it is a One Way.
There are ski lifts and a pull off with a scenic overlook on the up.

The overlook has parking for several cars.
The views from there are pretty awesome.
The first time I went, I was in amazement that we were in central Mass with views like this.
My snapshot from the overlook does not do justice to how relaxing it is to stand on this mountain.
Even on a cloudy day, it was mesmerizing.
There is ample parking at the summit.
The black top is is good condition and has a handicapped accessible area and even a pond.
There is a ramp and walkway to the fire tower which provides 360 views and 1-2 bars of T-Mobile 4g.

It’s well trafficked attraction, with plenty of trails and people walking their dogs.
Ring Shot from the fire tower (at the very end of my “Ring Shot A Day” Campaign).

Wildlife on Wachusett

What Wachusett lacks in stature, it makes up in views and ambiance.

Every Mountain has its own personality.
MWSR is very pleasant and welcoming.
I take back all the times I underestimated it!


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