Pack Monadnock, Elevation 2,290

New Hampshire

I discovered Mount Monadnock (not to be confused with Pack Monadnock)
while searching for year round campgrounds in New Hampshire.
We made plans for a 2 night stay at Gilson Pond Campground at Monadnock State Park.
This post is not about Mount Monadnock, also known as Great Monadnock,
but I’d like to quickly note that I’ve lived in RI for almost 25 years,
and I had NO IDEA that I lived 3 hours away from one of the most hiked mountains in THE WORLD!
It seems that approx 125,000 people hike it every year.
I was staggered by this and the Great Monadnock hike is at the top of my bucket list.
Unfortunately, hiking mountains with kids is not always possible,
and Great Monadnock does not have an auto road.
Pack Monadnock, a mere 20ish minute drive North, does! 😄
Miller State Park is located in Peterborough, on Rt. 101,
just northeast of Jaffrey (#GOT *cough*),
and situated on the Wapack Range.
Interesting to note that it is the oldest run state park in New Hampshire.
At the base of the mountain is a large parking area with the toll booth set at the foot of the Auto Road.
This particular trip, my brother, Joe, took Sam ahead of us in his Jeep and they hiked to the summit,
which they both described as easy.
The woman at the booth was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable,
and mentioned that Sam and Joe had passed by not too long before.
We paid the fee ($4? – See website for clarification)
and she gave us maps and pamphlets and sent us on our way with a smile.
The road up was steep and narrow, but not in a scary, South American mountainside sort of way.
It is paved and also walk-able.
We reached the summit quickly (like 10 minutes or less) and


You have incredible 360 views
and they will provide you with a map which names all of the mountains that are visible.
There is a fire tower, bathrooms and trails galore.
We went down a short one which led us to a scenic overlook dubbed
“The Raptor Viewing Area”
which would be most pertinent during the yearly raptor migration.
I know nothing about the Raptor migration,
but I do know that the overlook is fabulous
and I highly encourage you to take the short walk to it.


Ring Shot #1 from Raptor Viewing Area. This is a picnic table and it is a lovely place to sit.
Ring Shot #2 from the Raptor Viewing Area
Wildlife in Raptor Viewing Area and Trail – TONS of them!

Pack Monadnock is incredibly easy to access.

The views are pretty awesome, and NH State Parks does a great job making it fun.

They also provided Sam with a small book to check off all of the NH State Parks he’s been to.

It also had activities, regions and history about the state.

Rock on, NH!

Definietly check this mountain out!

The only reason not to is if it was closed!

Liam toppling mountains and Great Monadnock in the Distance.

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