flume gorge

Flume Gorge

Mount Flume Elevation, 4,328

New Hampshire

I saw an article on Facebook, announcing the opening day of Flume Gorge on May. 5th.

I sent Eric a text immediately to plan for the trip ASAP.

The West slope of the Franconia Mountain Range loomed before us as we exited the 93 North.

It was late spring, and there was still a slight chill to the air as we got out of the car.

We were greeted by a huge, slightly busy visitors center, with a giant plush moose in the lobby

(of course, I DO NOT have a photo of said moose).

We paid a semi exorbitant amount for tickets ($50ish?),

but I thought it was worthwhile to keep the boardwalks and trails maintained.

I had been wanting to visit waterside boardwalks for decades and this was the first time!

The hike would have been very easy – had I not been in the later stages of pregnancy. I was determined to persevere.

The air grew cooler as we approached the gorge from the trail.
It smelled like fresh, cool water and pines.
Once, at the boardwalk, I almost felt like I was in a mini fairy tale,
with the stone walls stretching above, covered in vibrant green moss and slick from the river’s mist.
We made it to the second staircase, where we felt it would be safer to turn back.
Liam was doing well walking, but he was still not coordinated enough to adequately handle the slippery and graded boardwalk.
I was of little use also, being hugely pregnant.
We will definitely return here one day to finish the hike!
How Long Does It Take To Climb The Flume Gorge?
At a slow pace, with a toddler and a heavily pregnant woman,
It took us less than an hour to get maybe halfway.
Be sure to check out the website link above, as there is a lot of cool history about this place!


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