Okemo Mountain Road

Okemo Mountain Road


Like a sentinel, Okemo soars above the bustling town of Ludlow, VT.
It is bordered to the south by Okemo State Forest.
This mountain road is inside Okemo Mountain (Ski) Resort.
If you become disoriented by the other roads in the complex and completely miss the big, red sign that says
“MOUNTAIN ROAD” at the entrance of the mountain road,
you’ll find yourself on back roads that are home to many nicely situated ski condos and timeshares!
This area is all dead ends and the only way out is the way you came, unless you prepare to ditch the car and hike.
Otherwise, the road up Okemo is decently paved, although semi narrow.
Once you leave the resort area, and continue up the road, the mountain seems to embrace you!
Vermont has a way with pulling you into her mountains.
The first time we went in April, it still had snow on it, so we opted to hold off until May when it was passable.
The road is heavily forested, but there are a few overlooks, and the view is pretty spectacular, even on a cloudy day!
Okemo Mountain Road
Okemo Mountain Road

Fresh Air

The road does not go to summit, and this time, we didn’t hike the .3 mile trail to the fire tower,
so all I got was pictures of the end of the road.
Given the views from the overlook, I imagine the ones from the fire tower are pretty spectacular.
Okemo Mountain Road
Still, it was a free, enjoyable drive, and easily accessed from Route 100/103 in Ludlow Vermont.
Simply follow the signs for “Okemo”.
It is worth noting that Ludlow has a Shaw’s, a Cumberland Farms, a Dunkin Donuts, AND it’s own police department,
but little to no T-Mobile signal.
The forest is dense and cold, and has that remote FOREST feeling,if you know what I mean.
It’s somewhat odd because Ludlow is a slightly busier town, when compared to other small Vermont towns.
If you didn’t know, Route 100 is one of the prettiest scenic drives you can take in New England.
At least, in my opinion. It starts at the bottom of the state and goes to the top.
Just north of Okemo is Plymouth and Killington, which is utterly breathtaking and beautiful, and I wish I was there now.

Did You Know?

There is free primitive camping in the Okemo State Forest ?

I didn’t. While we’re not crazy about primitive camping with the kids due to sheer amount of gear we consider necessary, I would like to explore it more when they are older.
You can find more info Here!

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