New Hampshire: Diana’s Bath

Cool Place

Diana’s Bath Elevation, 750

Guest Photographer: J. Butterworth

I always love a good waterfall,
but the problem for someone such as myself (out of shape and “chill”) is that some of the most awesome waterfalls lie at the the end of miles of hiking trails, or a steep mountain climb.
There isn’t always time to add a few hours for a long hike, unfortunately, and our toddler can’t hike much over a 1/2 mile on his feet.
Don’t even get me started on all the places that strollers can’t go.
Say what you will, but this blog would not exist if I was a single, motivated, parentless 20-something!
As it would turn out, my husband is in WAY better shape than I, and he is equally “chill”.
So we got to cool places,
have a cigarette while enjoying the scenery,
hold hands as we stroll,
take photos
leave footprints…
By chill, I mean lazy.
Photo by J.B.

Diana’s Bath is a short ride outside of North Conway, NH, a famous New England Getaway. The falls themselves are a 7 Minute or so hike from the parking lot, but you can’t see them from the road.
I will note that the walk in is rather lovely, as you are surrounded by fragrant, towering trees.
You are soon greeted by series of pools, staggered up the moutainside.
Photo By J.B.
To the left, To the left

To your left, you will be able to see through the trees and into the valley. This is where I start to get that “I’m Above The World” Feeling.

The elevation at Diana’s Bath isn’t very high, but it still gives me those Mountain Butterflies.
The slight chill of the water in the air and the tumbling rush of the waterfall is oh so satisfying.
The air changes ever so slightly, and the volume of all of the B.S. seems to lower.
To the right, the forset, and the rive stretching along beside it.
The Right
Photo By J.B

Photo By J.B.

The Place is awesome, and is definitely one of those convenient natural landmarks.

If I could come here with morning coffee and relish the sunrise, I believe my life would be on its way to complete.
Add it to your list, but do be careful on the rocks! They can be slippery!


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