Mount Washington

Scenic Mountain Road

Elevation 6,289

Mount Washington is the highest elevation in New England, with an impressive auto road all the way to the top!

I’ve certainly seen my fair share of “This Car Climbed Mount Washington” bumper stickers and I wanted my own!
We left as early as we thought necessary and a few hours later, mere miles from the toll booth, found ourselves behind
A** Driver
between RI & NH.
We arrived at the gate at 4:12pm, and were swiftly denied access.
They had no sympathy, only policy.
Do yourself a favor and give yourself even more time than you think you’ll need to get there.
Also, ALWAYS check the official website for closures and such.
Mount Washington is like it’s own planet in regards to local weather,
and the road is seasonal, as are most auto roads in New England.
We got some very nice photos of the mountain from across the street, though!


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