Get Adventuring!

What is your inspiration?

If there is one thing I advocate, it’s adventuring.
It’s adventuring how it works for you.
I met my friend, Laurie, years ago, when she was visiting from Ireland.
I was a teenager, thinking I had it all together, running shifts at Subway.
We worked together for the summer.
We became fast friends.
Our friends became friends, and we partied and laughed and had a blast until it came time for her to return to Ireland.
We reconnected online in 2010, and I see she’s been everywhere!
It seemed to me like she was always travelling!
I messaged her telling her how much I wanted to travel but that it was impossible for a whole bunch of reasons.
“Don’t think of it like that.” She responded.
“Start small. Take a weekend and got here, take a day trip to there.
Then you go further, and a little longer and eventually, you will look back on all of the places you’ve gone.”

She was absolutely right.

My first and foremost dream/goal/aspiration/NEED has always been to travel.
My family moved several times before I turned 10, and even lived in Germany, courtesy of the US Army.
When I was young, I thought I was super special because I had lived in Europe!

I get itches.

To see the ocean, or to breath mountain air, or to take a long drive –
to feel something wild or new.
So, when I got my first vehicle at age 28…
 I began!
I got lost on purpose, drove the back roads.
Took every excuse possible to take a drive.
After I met my husband, we adventured together everywhere,
even if it was small or seemed silly.
We have explored cemeteries and historic sites and drove to random green areas on google maps.
We made it our business to get out and explore new places and spend that time together.
When we were planning our Honeymoon, we had all sorts of grand ideas.
One was to do a Canada Trip – Niagara to Toronto to Quebec City to Montreal.
Talk about awesome!
We finally decided to spend the 5 days in Vermont, our heaven on Earth.
Our first night there, we stayed at Little River State Park.
It was the first time I had ever slept in a tent.
I thought I would be scared or worried about bears or random serial killers in the busy state park,
when I laid down under the stars and slept in the outside air, I was finished.

I was overtaken by the awesomeness.

From that point on, I NEEDED it even more.
The regular world seemed so dirty and noisy compared to sleeping under the stars and finding summits and waterfalls.
I LONGED for campfires!
Now, 5 years later, I’m able to look back and say,
“Wow! Look at all the places I’ve been!”
It’s humbling.
To think, we’ve hardly left New England!
Travelling everywhere in an RV has also long been a dream of mine.
In all honesty,
I always thought it was extreme wishful thinking –
unlike reg travelling which seemed much more sensible and achievable.
More and more, though, I would think about it.
I started to research the prices of a camper or tow trailers.
And then….
I discovered YouTube.

I thought…well, what if?

Plenty of other people have tossed themselves into RVs and campers and travel full time.
I imagine turning off the regular life and building my own – on my own terms – with my family.
Like, making that tent under the stars in Vermont my happy place every day.
And in places like Oregon or Florida or New Mexico.
I strongly believe that adventuring has not only strengthened my marriage, but also has been great  for our kids.
Not everyone finds the time for a full blown weekend trip but even a small fire on the beach or walk in the woods can be beneficial.
Being adventurous with your partner, even if you’re just driving through a nearby town that neither of you have been to can enrich your lives.
As we slowly plan next year’s adventures, I reflect upon what has inspired me to reach further.
Thank you!

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