Mountain Road

Mount Greylock Elevation 3,491

The highest elevation in Massachusetts certainly deserves some attention.
Mount Greylock is a mountain with an incredible presence.
You can see it from almost every direction of approach.
It towers like a mighty sultan over the surrounding countryside.
Even so, we COULD NOT find the auto road.
Maybe it was because there was road work, maybe it was us, maybe it was Massachusetts.
In any case, we finally asked a cop doing construction detail and he pointed across the street and I felt like an idiot.
We pulled over at a scenic look-out on the way up.
The view was simply moving, vast and breathtaking.
The heavy silence and the chill in the air was unlike any I had felt before.
There was a wind farm in the distance, and nothing but rolling swaths of green mountainside between me and the next ridge.
From the look-out

We made it to the parking area, where it was unclear where to pay, if anywhere.


There were signs for campsites and trails heads everywhere.
We expected a booth but there was none.
There WAS ample paved parking and some pretty awesome views.
There was even a sign at the wall naming all of the mountains to the north, which this parking lot faced.
This truck is a travelling fool.









Fellow Mountain Going Family









Not pictured here is the Bascom Lodge, which sits on the south and western side of the summitt.

There are bathrooms and snacks and a visitors center in there, and I believe possible lodging.
Don’t quote me on the lodging part.
The road up Mount Greylock is seasonal, and closes at sunset, so plan your trip accordingly.
I LOVE auto roads, especially when they’re nicely paved and take you easily to the top of the mountain.
Mount Greylock is certainly one to check off your list!

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