New England Day Trips

It can be hard to travel great distances,
and sometimes funds are low.
But there are always plenty of cool places you can explore
in a close proximity and for little to no cost
except gas and coffee money!
Coming up,
I’ll share with you a few quick Day Trip Destinations
in the middle-ish area of New England.
We are from Rhode Island, so all of these are reasonable day trips for us.
All of them are either free, or very, cheap.
Definitely check the websites for updates,
as closures and price hikes can and do happen!

1. Blithewold Mansion, Gardens and Arboretum (Homepage)

Bristol, RI

Blithewold is 33 acres of gardens, rare plants,
a green house, stone walls, frog ponds,
unique trees, a historic mansion
and views of Narragansett Bay.
The grounds are impeccably kept,
with labels on almost everything,
like the specimen trees
and the greenhouse plants.
It’s quite calm and peaceful here,
and cool in the summer,
with the trees providing ample shade,
paired with the breezes off the bay.
Blithewold hosts quite a few weddings,
and rightfully so!
The mansion and grounds are gorgeous
and even we considered tying the knot on that beautiful lawn!
Throughout the year, they also host concerts and events
and even a summer camp.
If you’re looking for a quiet, pleasant place to stroll
and see a variety of plants and trees,
be sure to check this one out!

2. Greene Island Shipwrecks (Coordinates Here)

Warwick, RI

So, if you’re looking for a bit more of an adventurous trip,
check out the Greene Island Shipwrecks
in Narragansett Bay
off the Coast of Warwick, RI.
I didn’t know until 2015
that there were shipwrecks in the bay!
There are two, several hundred feet apart,
yet easy to visit on the same day.
The parking and beach access is in the neighborhood just west of Gaspee Point,
so be sure to abide by all traffic
and parking laws.
If you look at Google Maps, Greene Island is just south of Gaspee Point.
It’s incredibly important to watch the tides.
You will have to wade across from the beach to the island
where the biggest and more complete wreck is.
The tide was low when we crossed,
but after about 30 minutes of strolling and checking out the wreck,
we realized it was steadily rising.
We had plenty of time, but I certainly urge caution to anyone who would visit this area.
The smaller of the two wrecks is slightly NorthWest of the first.
You can find it very easily, but it may initially appear hidden in the grass.
Once the tide rises, it will obscure most, if not all of the smaller wreck,
so it is vital to go when the tide is very low!

3. Bash Bish Falls (Homepage)

Mt Washington, MA

Who doesn’t love a good waterfall?
Especially the largest single drop in the state of Massachusetts?
Located in the far Western reaches of the Berkshires,
Bash Bish Falls State Park is very close to the Taconic Mountains
and the borders of NY and CT.
I will say this is NOT a swimming hole, and is actually semi treacherous and dangerous!
It’s definitely doable,
but the hike in is on the steeper side.
We went on a week day in October,
and there were several people there.
The flow of the water was nice,
and even though I wore the complete and utter WRONG footwear for a hike,
it was quite pleasant once we reached the bottom,
where we sat on a huge rock, enjoying the view.
There was a family with teenagers there,
and the boys were hopping around the big rocks in a risky fashion.
This ravine is no joke and proper caution must be exercised.
It’s also in black bear country so be aware and prepared!
See the Mass DCR website for more info!

4. Winslow State Park (Homepage)

Wilmot, NH

We have an mountain auto road addiction.
We don’t “hike” as often as we would like, because we have a baby and a toddler,
among other reasons.
We have found that we can still enjoy mountains and their views by driving,
almost as much as we could by hiking!
If you read our Travel Blunders Blog,
you will know that we often start our day
later than is suitable for reaching most
State Park auto roads before closing.
Thus, we arrived, initially,
at Rollins State Park, just in time to see the Auto Road gates closed!
 Rollins is located on the southern slope of Mount Kearsage in southern NH.
It features predominantly on our list of “Roads To Go Up”.
As we milled around the lot, pondering our next move,
the staff at the park office told us about ANOTHER state park on the same mountain,
which was free and open!
We were thrilled that we had not wasted the entire trip, and decided to check it out.
We drove maybe 20ish minutes north, and wound our way up to Winslow State Park,
on the Northern slope of Mt. Kearsage.
Immediately upon arrival, I was in awe of this place!
It features a picnic area, bathrooms, swings, and some absolutely incredible views!
From the parking lot were two trails to the summit.
We have yet to take these trails, but I’ve heard that they are both nice hikes to the top.
The picnic area was incredibly calm,
with that crisp mountain chill that hung in the air
and filled you with its serenity.
This park is seasonal, so be sure to check the website before going!

5. Old Jelly Mills Falls (More Info)

Dummerston, VT

I’m all for easily accessible waterfalls!
This one is located in Southern Vermont,
about 5 miles north of Brattleboro,
and this one is,
a left turn off of Route 30,
and it’s there on your right.
There isn’t any “parking”,
but pulling over on the side of
Stickney Brook Road
seems to be the socially acceptable thing to do.
I’ve been here in fall and summer.
In the fall, there was one other person there,
and she was reading and doing yoga across the water.
In the summer, it was packed!
There were families and kids and people of all ages, lounging and swimming.
The edge of the water is a fairly rugged terrain, with roots and rocks, but certainly manageable.
The water is shallow enough to walks across the rocks on,
but I have always found the rocks to be very slippery in places,
and have fallen on my a**!
I advise caution while navigating this area,
but also highly recommend it as a destination and a day trip.
Not too far north on Route 30 is an awesome covered bridge,
with ample parking and steps down to the river bank.
So there you have it – 5 of the many, many day trips in Middle New England!
Stay tuned for more installments!

What About You?

Know of any more easy New England Day Trips?
Feel free to comment below!



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