Destination: Vermont

Gifford Woods State Park

Years ago, when I was violently opposed
to sleeping in a tent, especially in black bear country, Eric and I decided to get away to a cabin in Vermont.
Quite by accident, I discovered that several Vermont State Parks have cabins, and they are quite affordable!
While there is a 2 night minimum, cabins are $50/night for non VT residents.
Cabins have electricity, and beds with mattresses, but do not provide linens.
White Tail Cabin

In Love

It was obsession at first sight!
After our first stay at WhiteTail, we fell in love with Gifford Woods, and we make it our business to return every summer.
We stayed here on our honeymoon, took maternity photos here, and have brought our children time and again.


Gifford is well known for wildlife, ranging from chipmunks and squirrels,
to moose and black bear. The little critters are everywhere; chipmunks are abundant!
At night, while enjoying the fire, we’ve heard a pack of coyotes moving through the forest, howling to one another.
We have found bear sign – scat and prints, and have heard them at the dumpster
and in the woods, yet for us, personally, they have never come into our campsite.
There are warning signs everywhere, and park staff have always warned us, but we have never seen them.

Be Bear Aware and Bear Safe! 

Follow the Park Rules for Camping in Bear Country!


Gifford Woods is situated on Route 100,

just above Route 4 in Killington, VT.
It is 11 miles east of Rutland, 23 miles north of Ludlow, and 20 miles west of Woodstock.
In all honesty, it’s not close to either of the major Vermont highways (89 & 91), but I find the drive in absolutely gorgeous.
One of my favorite Vermont drives is Route 100, particularly the stretch from Ludlow to Killington.

The park is near the road, and you will hear traffic on Route 4 & 100, but we never found it to be disturbing.

There is a gas station on Route 4, less than a mile away, but plan accordingly as they are not 24 hours. Otherwise, there are stores aplenty in Rutland.
Like much of Vermont, the park does not have a T-Mobile signal, though it does get varying At&t.
There are hiking and interpretive trails in the park, including access to the Long & Appalachian Trails.
Fishing and boating access is located across Rt. 100 at Kent Pond.

The Park/Campground

Gifford Woods is small and neat, and always well kept.

The staff and hosts will not harass you if you are following the rules and minding your own business, yet they are there should you need assistance.
There is usually firewood by the office,
and there is a dumpster/recycling station

where the road splits for each campground loop.

The upper loop has tent and lean-to sites,
and the lower has tent, lean-to and cabins.
Each loop has bathrooms and showers,
though the lower loop bathhouse seems a bit newer.
There is water for drinking and for dishwashing.

The Heart Of The Green Mountains

Killington, Vermont is lovely and green and AWESOME!

I will never grow tired of the mist in the mountains, or the rain hitting the roof of the cabin, and waking up to the morning chill.
I daydream about summer nights around the campfire in my camping chair, with a glass of wine in hand, listening to the trees talk around us.
The glistening dew on the leaves, and the wildflowers swaying at the feet of the Green Mountains.
The hikers and their huge packs, and the hunters in their big pick-up trucks.
The grass fed beef and native corn on the fire, and the local blueberry beer in hand,
while we soak up the tranquility of Gifford Woods State Park.



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