My “Must Haves” For Photography

Photography Gear

That I Can’t Work Without

I don’t have a huge photography budget, nor do I have a lot of space for storage.

Thus, over the years, I’ve been through different accessories and equipment,

and have really settled into a few items that I definitely

MUST HAVE for work!

I remember when I really started to build my arsenal of STUFF, I was unsure of what I would actually need, and what was just fluff.

Without a budget that allowed little trial and error, how would I succeed?

Here’s how:

I took to the internet, and researched my butt off.

YouTube was (and still is) my best friend!

My Findings

Initially, I found that this does depend on the kind of photography you do.

I tend to shoot mostly people with my actual camera, on location and sometimes in my living room “studio”.

I like to employ the “Best Bang for Your Buck” philosophy, and I hate being weighed down by too much STUFF!

I prefer simplicity, and the less gadgets, the better!

I am currently in the market for a new camera bag for weddings, as my current bag is AWESOME, but way too cumbersome.

Very soon, I also hope to incorporate more portraiture into our travelling, and much of this equipment will have to come along.

I can say that I could fit it comfortably in the truck and need nothing else!

What are these items, you ask?

Read on!

Below are a few of my Absolute Must Haves!

I endorse them fully.

All of them were, in fact purchased from Amazon, and get regular use.

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Thank you for Reading!

Portable Backdrop

I often remark that my portable backdrop is the best $50 I ever spent and I mean it.

What makes this thing so great, is it’s versatility!

I have used this more times than I can count and I can’t stop singing its praises!

Black on one side and white on the other,

it pops open to a 5 x 6.5ft rectangular photo background.

When you’re done, it folds back up into a circle about 2 feet wide.

It has held up very well over the two years that I’ve been using it.

It’s great for headshots, or single subjects,

but I’ve been able to maneuver a family of 6 in front of it!

I have also used it as a giant reflector, and also as a way to hide parts of unfavorable backgrounds, such as a room I was shooting in with a piece of furniture I wanted to cover.

I mean, how much more awesome could it be?!

All in all, I recommend this 100%.

It has proved itself incredibly useful!

Canon 1.8 50mm

For the price, this lens is fabulous!

It’s definitely a step or two above a basic 18-55mm kit lens, and is a great investment to make if you are on a budget.

This is my go to for portraits, and is able to produce photos with beautiful depth and bokeh.

The affects aren’t dramatic, but enough to make a pleasant difference.

As a DSLR newbie, I found myself facing an endless array of choices for lenses, camera bodies and just about everything.

Like you, I’m sure, my mind was boggled!

If you are looking for the next step up from the entry level lens, this lens is totally for you!

Canon T6i

I love this camera SO MUCH, that I have, literally, plastered this photo all over the internet!

For my 2016 Birthday,

My husband got me a Canon Eos Rebel T6i body to replace my Canon Eos Rebel T5,

which became by second camera for weddings.

I was beyond ecstatic.


The was the highest resolution camera of the Canon Rebel Line to date,


I watched multiple videos on YouTube (naturally), comparing the T6i to other DSLRs in its class and price range, and those comparisons alone were what sold me on this model.


I am fully aware that there are some pretty incredible full frame cameras out there, but honestly, it may be a while before I have the budget for that.

Until then, my T6i has knocked my socks off with its awesomeness!

The technical features and specs of this camera are available via a quick google search, and I’m not the most technical talker, but I will tell you that this camera rocks.

It’s lightweight, sturdy and simple.

I was able to use the lenses from my T5 with no issue, and my T6i was my new best friend!

Speedlite Flash

In a perfect world, I would be able to afford a legit Canon Speedlite.

Until then, I found that the Yongnuo YN-560IV is a worthy next best.

It isn’t the cheapest of flashes, but I would not recommend the cheap flashes to anyone!

I started off with a CHEAP flash, just to get us started.

My husband’s went first, right before a wedding.

#truestory #why #whenlifegivesyoulemons

Talk about gut wrenching horror.

Mine went shortly thereafter, right before a portrait session.

Also gut wrenching, and also horrible,

and I’ll be honest, I did not take it well.

Both were crippling losses, and the flashes had only been used a handful of times each.

Thanks a lot, cheap flashes.

After some research, and a recommendation,

I decided to go for Yongnuo.

The YN-560IV works as a transmitter and a reciever, which is pretty handy if you’re getting into Off Camera Flash systems.

I’ve found I could easily trigger this with my husband’s flash of another brand,

helpful at the time for our purposes.

I own three of these for Canon, and so far so good!

Of course, these are definitely worthy on their own, or when mounted on the hot shoe of your camera, but they are a perfect partner with the next item on the list:

OCF Umbrella Stand

(OFC=Off Camera Flash)

For under $100 total (includes stand & flash), you can add a valuable, very portable light source to your arsenal.

When I’m shooting in my living room “Studio”, or at a wedding where space permits, I set this up.

It’s so simple, it would be negligent of me not to.

The only thing I don’t like about this particular brand, is that it doesn’t come with a carrying case!

I never understood this, but it does not, so you would have figure that out on your own.

Even so, I recommend an umbrella stand for your speedlite!

Camera Shoulder Sling Strap

I will not shoot without a strap!

Can you Imagine?!

I can’t even fathom thinking about dropping the camera!

It would be my luck (see flash debacle above) that the one time I shoot WITHOUT a strap, I would drop the camera.

That being said, I shot with two cameras on neck straps for longer than I care to admit.

Finally, I purchased this one, and it was like the heavens opened before me!

It took me several tries to get the positioning right, and then I was home free.

Not only was it functional as heck, I felt super snazzy with a floral printed strap!

#anothertruestory #dork #dontcare

I love, love, love this strap! <3

I don’t know how long it will actually hold up, but it does seem sturdier than I originally thought.

Either way, I DO NOT regret this purchase,

and won’t work without it!

There you have it!

The stuff I love and need for shooting,

which has and will get me through for years!

Minimal, affordable.


What About You? What Are Your Photography MUST HAVES?

Feel Free To Share in The Comments!

This photo was taken with my T6i, with the 50mm, and the OCF (Off Camera Flash) on Umbrella stand


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