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Practice, Practice, Practice

Photography Tips

How To Stay Sharp as a Photographer

It’s been my experience that you can never get enough practice!
Every time you pick up that camera, you add another notch to your belt.

*This is ANY time you take a photo, no matter the Camera!

If you are doing nature and landscapes,

you can easily hone your eye almost everywhere you go.


Nature is, literally, all around you and even if you’re limited in travel, you will never NEED to go far to take some practice shots.

My Challenge to You:

Find The Photograph Wherever you Are

Even a tree on a sidewalk or pot of flowers

can serve as your subject to keep you going!

You can practice long exposure, macro and composition in almost any setting.

This was taken in a Home Depot Parking lot!

People Persons

To the portrait photographers out there:
I am a huge proponent of free shoots,
especially when you are just starting out.

I have and continue to do more free shoots
than I know what to do with!
(If I had a $$ for every free shoot I’ve done…)
This may seem counter productive,
especially if you are itching to make money.
Hear Me Out
In my experience, it has never proved to be a backwards step.
Working with people you know can really help get a feel for how photo sessions function.
You can learn what works and what doesn’t.
One of my favorite things to do is research tips and advice for things like posing men and women, and techniques for working with children, for example, and apply these with family and friends.
It allows me the trial and error which is inevitable with shooting human beings,and ultimately allows my tribe access to great photos!
From a free shoot of a friend and her daughter

Additionally, if you treat these casual shoots as if they were professional, you will feel more comfortable when you do start and continuously take on clients.
Adversely, these can be shoots where you relax and have a bit more fun than you might on a slightly uncomfortable shoot with people you don’t know.
I advocate free sessions, even once you start doing paid work. Experience is experience, and often, these are your best advertisers!
I have clients who pay nothing or next to nothing for photos, yet sing my praises all over the internet!
I always ask permission to use these photos in my portfolio, and haven’t been told no once. 🙂
What About You?

Do you have any awesome practice photos? Feel Free to share in the comments!


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