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Cameras I’ve Used


A Quick Stroll to the Nikon Dark Side






I am asked what cameras I’ve used, or,

what cameras do I recommend.


The answer to this isn’t necessarily straightforward.


I’ve gone through cameras

like a kid goes through their Halloween candy,

and what I started out with isn’t what I use now.

Sometimes I use a my camera and sometimes I use my phone.

I like the tripod for long exposure,

but not for any other reason,

so I enjoy a very portable, lightweight camera

that I can maneuver with.

Also, as much as I would love to say that I bring my DSLR everywhere I go,

it simply isn’t true.


I DO always have my phone.

I still NEED to take good photos!

Having a phone with a good camera is definitely a priority for me,

as much as having a decent DSLR.

While I believe that the camera doesn’t make the photographer,

I am all for a quality camera.

It does make a difference for things like white balance, aperture and shutter speed.


Here’s a quick recap of some of the cameras I’ve used.

Thank You For Reading!

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#TBT! Takin’ it back to 2010!

1. Canon PowerShot Digital Elph

I used a Canon PowerShot from 2010 – 2014.
I believe that this particular model has been discontinued

but I will still sing its praises!

This is the next generation Elph is linked below.
I am in no way endorsed or sponsored by Canon
(although I would love to be!)
but I am a Canon girl, through and through.


This was a basic point and shoot

which a friend had given me when my previous camera

(Kodak Easy Share) was stolen.

I went with it, grateful to have a camera!

This was when I really started to get my feet wet with photography.

I have photos for days from this camera.

The worst thing I can say about this one is that it never did well in low light.

Adversely, the color reproduction was outstanding

and the macro setting quickly became my favorite!

Elph Sample: Rovensky Tulip, Newport, RI













On Location: G16, K & I – Tiverton, RI2. Canon PowerShot G16

2. Canon Power Shot G16

Once my DigiElph s**t the bed, I faced the hard task of replacing it.

Not knowing where to start,

I took to the internet and began research.

After pouring over reviews, blogs and tech articles

I found what I needed.

From My Hard Earned Tax Return,

the investment was made!

The Power Shot G16 was EVERYTHING I thought it would be


This camera is kind of a hybrid between a point and shoot and a DSLR.
It is lightweight and portable, yet has the functionality of a DSLR.
You can buy an adapter to use a lens and it has the hot shoe for a speed-lite flash.
The camera cost me about $350 at Best Buy, but it was worth absolutely every penny.
I would recommend this for anyone who wants a quality camera without the bulk of a DSLR.

G16 Sample: Irises @ Bridge of Flowers


Have Kids, Will Adapt

3. Canon Rebel T6i


For my Birthday in 2016, my husband bought me a T6i

and I am in love (with him AND the camera!)!!
This is another camera that I researched to death

and found it to be pretty bad ass for the price.
I got the body only as I already had a few Canon lenses.
This is a camera that can absolutely be used professionally!

I shot our 2016 weddings with it, and a T5 as a second.

It works incredibly with some of the aftermarket lenses,

such as the Canon 50mm 1:8, or the Canon 55-250mm.
It’s quick, lightweight for a DSLR

and performs beautifully like Canons do 😉

T6i Sample: Ring Shot in Newport, VT




4. LG V10

The next device that I took loads of photos with was my LG V10.
This phone, unfortunately, broke via loose charging pins,

but in the 6 months or so that I used it (😓😔)
It’s a great phone for all of your business apps, as well,

and the huge screen just makes it FUN to take pictures with

LG V10 Sample: Feather at Bristol, RI Beach


5. iPhone 7


My current phone is an iPhone 7.

I had an iPhone 5s at one point and initially,

I expected it to rock as far as photo quality.

For whatever reason, it SUCKED.

Out of frustration, I traded it in for the LG V10,

and all was right with the world until it broke.

I got the iphone 7, and quickly became attached at the hip with it!

It’s especially good in conjunction with the Adobe Lightroom App,

which I also LOVE LOVE LOVE!

iPhone 7 Sample: Ring Shot in Little Compton garden











So, there you have it!

A few of the cameras I’ve used over the years!

The first 3 cameras mentioned are ones

that I completely recommend!

Runners Up Include:

Canon Rebel T5 

Nikon 3200 

Nikon 7100 


Fun Fact: The Only argument that Eric and I actually have

is because he is Team Nikon & I am Team Canon.



What About You?

Share your favorite cameras in the comments!


#TBT To Eric and his Nikon Coolpix, On Location in Little Compton, RI

Eric & The D3200 when it NEW!
D7100 in Bristol, VT
News Reporter

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