Meaning of Flowers & Their Colors

Flowers Have Meaning?

When I was young, my mom had a book called

“The Meaning Of Flowers” 

I used to pour over it, and found it fascinating!

Somewhere along the line, it was decided

that flowers would hold a certain symbolism, unique to each color and species.

This Ideology would be passed down, generation by generation.

My Love of Flowers has led me to gardens in

Connecticut, California, Rhode Island, Florida, and Ontario, Canada,

and has inspired 75% of my tattoos.

Through all of the weddings that we’ve shot, my favorite parts is the flowers!

Fun Fact:
Years ago, I gave Eric a purple rose, and waited pensively for him to understand
that I gave it to him because he “enchanted me”. God Bless Him, He didn’t know!

I don’t know too many people , period, who are down with the

“Flowers Have Meaning” concept, but it IS a thing!

With Valentine’s Day Fast Approaching,

I want to share with you the symbology behind the most popular Valentine’s Day Flowers,

should you want to impart the proper message!

1. Roses

Roses have long embodied love and passion.

They are the number one flower given on V-Day,

and historically, they make appearances as far back as Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love.

Give a rose to someone that your feelings are VERY strong for.

Red: Romantic Passion

Pink: Gentle, Poetic Admiration

White: Innocence

Yellow: Friendship

Purple: Enchantment

2. Tulips

The tulip originated in Turkey and Persia and convey not only perfect love and happiness,

but perfection in every way.

Ultimately, a well rounded bloom, to say exactly what you want to say, such as to a best friend,

whether in friendship or in love.

Red: Romantic Love

Yellow: Cheerfulness

Purple: Loyalty

White: Forgiveness

Pink: Happiness

3. Carnations

These flowers appear throughout history, and seem to be mostly tied to celebrations,

like a graduation and Mother’s Day.

Give a carnation bouquet in a new relationship, or to a family member.

Pink: Motherly Love

White: Prosperity

Yellow: Forgiveness

Purple: Condolences

Red: New Love

4. Lilies

Lilies are often associated with funerals, as when yellow or white.

Also the 30th Anniversary flower,  they are the symbol of devotion.

The meanings vary greatly depending on the type, the country in question and color.

On Valentine’s Day, give lilies to one you are devoted to.

Pink: Encouragement

White: Purity

Orange: Wealth

Yellow: Healing

Red: Passion

5. Iris

These blooms are the hallmark of royalty and valor.

Additionally, they are named after the Greek Goddess, Iris,

who acted as the bridge between heaven and hearth.

Consequently, an iris is representative of the strength of the feminine.

Present vibrant irises to a woman of accomplishment and wisdom.

Blue: Faith

White: Purity

To Conclude:

There is so much information out there on this topic,

but this is what I would like to share, in a nutshell.

Good Luck and Thank You for Reading!

Please Share Your Favorite Flowers in the Comments!


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