cheap motel in new england

cheap motel in new england

Cheap Hotels in Pricey Places

Affordable Accommodations In The Northeast US

“Can’t Afford It.”

I hear this ^^^ ALL THE TIME in reference to travelling.

I say the same thing I say every time:


If WE can afford to travel, YOU can afford to travel!

(but I know most people who say this also drop $10/day at Dunkin Donuts).

I know because I was one of them, too.

Moving right along.

Sure, maybe you can’t afford to go on an all expense paid trip overseas for 3 weeks,

and in all honesty, many people can’t!

Travel need not be opulent to be enjoyable.

In my mind, taking a walk on a beach 4 towns over is a worthwhile journey. 

We have stayed at all of the places listed below, and some with the kids.

They may not be top notch resorts with room service and a fitness center,

but they are a roof over your head, and fairly clean,

AND they are near some very popular attractions in some pretty expensive areas!

“Expensive” is a relative term, to be sure.

At the time of our stays and at the most recent check,

each place had rooms under $100/night with no stay minimums.

Several are closer to $50.

I personally start cringing if the room is over $100.

My eyeballs start to twitch.

I have to admit, I really enjoy knowing how to find affordable places to stay,

and feel awesome when we go to an amazing place for very cheap!

Rarely do we have “buyer’s remorse”,

and we can often put our total available funds into other little treats,

as opposed to dropping it all on the room.

*I should note: I stayed in TWO (Count them – TWO)

skeevy-dog hair covered- prostitutes in the next room-gross carpet-pink tiled bathroom

motels in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, and talk about eye ball twitching!

What I am recommending are not this bad. By cheap, I don’t mean roach motel,

I mean inexpensive.

That being said, you make your own call on what amenities you want,

and what you’re willing to sacrifice for budget.

We don’t mind noise and a less plush carpet if it gets us on track to another adventure.

So, if you make your own coffee and bagels for two weeks, you can take that money

and stay at one of these 5 places for a night, and experience some of the wicked cool stuff in the area!

1. Sullivan Trail Inn, Pocono Lake, PA

We stayed here on our way to Gettysburg for New Year’s Eve.

It’s slightly off the beaten path but really, it’s still worth it.

The room was no frills no thrills but was clean and up to date,

and it had – get this- A FIRE PIT.

(Not to mention, in the Pocono Mountains – one of the most popular destinations on the eastern seaboard).

But we wanted a fire pit!

Our biggest want for this trip was to sit outside and grill and drink wine around the fire,

and being the off season, I thought we were SOL.

Lo and Behold – I found this place on Hotels.Com, and we were sold!

The staff was very courteous and didn’t bother us at all.

Definitely worth it.

Campfire in The Poconos

2. Pineapple Inn, Newport, RI

Ah, the good ol’ Harbor Base Pineapple,

located amidst the harbors and beaches and seaside shopping that Newport is known for.

This is a genuine piece of Newport history and folklore right here.

The Pineapple Inn is definitely basic, but it will do if you want to stay in Newport, RI

on a budget.

There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with it,

but let’s just say this is where every Newport teenager got their

“motel party” feet wet.

Hey – Newport is expensive!

You gotta do what you gotta do!

3. Motel 6, Brattleboro, VT

Brattleboro is like the gateway to Vermont and a perfect day trip from many areas of southern New England.

Within an hour radial is hiking, shops, mountains, camping and tons of scenic places.

Keene, NH is a short drive, and it’s right off Interstate 91, which runs North and South

from Canada to Hartford.

And Not to mention, close to the best Welcome Center on the PLANET (Guilford, VT)!

This Motel 6 is updated and in pretty good shape.

It’s been packed every time we’ve gone, and always with a mix of folk.

Some families, some kids, some construction workers.

There is some noise, but you can easily drown it out with the fan.

4. Yankee Clipper Inn, North Conway, NH

We have driven by this place a billion times, and I always assumed it was over the budget ceiling.

Turns out, it isn’t! We stayed in winter, so I can’t speak for the summer prices,

but this place was pretty nice!

North Conway is tourist central in northern New Hampshire.

Almost every person I know has been to North Conway.

The Yankee Clipper has an indoor pool, ample parking and some balconies with mountain views!

They give you a credit to use at the diner downstairs (The Blueberry Muffin).

Everything is blueberry. And it’s heavenly!

They have regular food, yes, but I never knew amaze-balls until I had

their blueberry french toast and blueberry coffee <3

north conway new hampshire
Blueberry Coffee

5. Villager Motel, Williamstown, MA

Then, there is Western Mass.

The Berkshires and the surrounding hills and forest are very unique to the area,

and a beautiful drive down Routes 2 & 7.

Williamstown, close to the New York/Mass border,

is a small college town, just west of North Adams,

a bigger college town.

Benninton, VT, (yet another college town)

is studded with historical significance, is about 25 minutes north.

Mount Graylock is a short drive South.

The Villager Motel was actually really cool for the price ($50).

It had good WiFi, a small playground, microwave and fridge.

We did find the odd vodka bottle under the bed, and there was a fair amount of noise

from other guests coming and going.

But, goodness, it was cheap for New England!

So There You Go!

5 Cheap Hotels in Pricey Places in the North East.

They are all halfway decent for the price, and will put you right in the middle of the action!

What About You? Share Your Cheap Spots in the Comments!


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