What I Love About My Husband

Ode To Eric On Valentine’s Day❤️

So, it’s no secret that I absolutely sweat my husband.

He’s the apple of my eye🍎, the butter to my bread🍞,

the shake to my strawberry🍓, the icing on my cake🍰!

Oh yeah.

I got it bad!

The only thing he really wants is a Dodge Charger,

besides waking up next to me, as he says almost daily.

Since there is no way I can provide him with a brand new car this Valentine’s Day,

I decided to write a blog post about what I love about him the most!

Read On For The Juicy details on what I love About Eric! 🌹🌹


Eric is amazing with our kids!

While he does work full time, he does as much work with them as I do.

As we speak, he’s giving the baby her bedtime bottle. He has changed diapers, given booboo hugs and done night duty as often as I have.

He goes over school work, teaches Mr. 9 Year Old about history, and carries the little ones on hikes. He was there for their births and even caught our youngest.

He has a unique relationship with each of them, and gentleman, take notes: there is almost nothing sexier to a woman than when a man is not a b**ch about being a phenomenal father.

Pardon the language, but I mean it.

He’s Adventurous As Heck⛷

Eric is down to do anything, at any time.

Simple as that and I’m not sure how much more I can elaborate on that!

He’s the hop-in-The-car-and-take-a-day-trip-at-the-drop-of-a-hat sorta guy which makes for all sorts of awesomeness, as far as I’m concerned.

He’s also a great driver who loves driving, and this has led us down many a fun and exciting road, no pun intended!

We Are A Team💃🏼🕺🏻

From finances to cleaning to raising the kids, there is only T-E-A-M.

He listens to me and is in tune to my needs. He puts forth effort and he is never above admitting when he’s wrong.

Another note: This can only help you!

Eric is more than just my husband, he’s my partner, my other half and my best friend.

We have pretty healthy boundaries, in my opinion, but there is no mistaking that we are in this together!

He’s Massively Supportive🏆

If I decided I wanted to sell bushels of apples out of the trunk of the car, Eric would not only help me pick them, but also cheer me on in the process.

He has never told me I couldn’t do something.

He’s never yelled in front of me (true story). He is constantly my rock and my biggest cheerleader.

Another note, gentleman: Don’t be a chauvinist, narcissistic ass.

He’s Wicked Funny But Ain’t No Joke🎭

Eric is always trying to bring on the comic relief.

We’ve established a “Funny on Demand ” program where, if I’m having a bad day, for example, I will ask him for a funny and he will deliver!

This is not to be mistaken with BEING a joke, because trust me, he is not afraid of anything and he will conquer head on whatever he has to.

His strength is something I admire hugely, and I’m grateful that I don’t have to wear the pants all the time.

He’s secure enough in himself to let me be strong and being a headstrong drama queen, I appreciate this in my husband!

Bonus: I think Eric is hot as hell, and looks incredible in blue jeans.🔥

A wise woman once told me you should be with someone who you can’t live without.

And this is something I absolutely agree with.

One thing that I hope to impart on our children, and anyone for that matter, is that you deserve to be in a great relationship and you deserve to be happy. You don’t ever have to settle for less!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Eric!

I love you madly! 💜💜



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    1. Thanks! I am so incredibly thankful for him and everything he is! I believe so strongly in knowing that you deserve a great relationship ❤️ Plus, he definitely deserves a massive shout out!

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