Finding A Camper

Did you ever feel like you were working against the grain?

I have a belief that amazing things can happen if you trust that they will.

Not that I’ve never had a worry; indeed- I have chronic anxiety that has taken me years to even begin to figure out and this naturally causes me to overthink absolutely everything that comes across my path. I won’t completely knock overthinking- it actually helps me to be fairly functional and productive when I need it to be (such as building a business or, say, a whole website from scratch) but this blessing can also be a curse, such as when I hoot and holler about something and then overthink the mountains of guilt while I’m trying to fall asleep.


Needless to say, our search for a camper quickly began to feel fruitless.

When we weren’t looking to buy one, they were everywhere – in abundance!

Now, we could barely get a response!

When we DID get a response, it was either…

We aren’t opening the camper until such and such a date.”


It doesn’t have a title or proper registration.”

So, why are you listing it for sale if you aren’t opening it for 2 months?

Why not be up front and say that you don’t have the paperwork?

So, once we were blown off by the most recent seller, we decided,

“Fine! We’ll get a better tent!”

Quite by accident during our camper search, we found an INCREDIBLE deal at WalMart- 50% off! A $200 tent for $100. We stood in the aisle talking about it for quite a while. We walked around and talked some more.

Finally we decided to sleep on it, do some research.

We returned one week later and the tent was gone! Being a clearance item, it wasn’t going to be restocked. We kicked ourselves in the butt for not buying it but we reasoned that, if it was meant to be, it will be.

We spent the next week visiting several Walmarts with no luck. It was available online but not at that incredible price. Our budget is not enormous!

On Eric’s night off, we went to the local super center in the other side of the state than where we had already looked. They were having a massive camping clearance!

In no time, Mr. 2yo is fussing and Mr. 9yo is being his usual obstinate self, messing with everything in sight.

Not to mention, the store clerk in the camping section made every excuse he could to walk by us in the aisle.

Every time I found a quiet moment to think about the tents we were looking at, here he was, walking by between me and the shelf, as if he was actually doing something helpful as opposed to watching that we weren’t shoving tents in our jackets!


After 9yo amped up -getting snapped at by yet another employee for touching the bleeping arrows- and two other store employees did the same thing of walking purposely between me and the shelf, I fairly flipped out and left the store.

I was to the point that I almost complained at the desk. I had to position the cart in the middle of the aisle so Mr. 2yo couldn’t pull things off the shelf. When they came by I had to stop looking and move the cart to the side and he would grab whatever was in reach.

Thanks a lot, Walmart!

Maybe I just needed a cigarette and a snack but I was pissed. This was not a time that I wrestled with overwhelming guilt for having an adverse opinion!

We grabbed a quick bite to eat and everyone seemed a bit better.

“Let’s see if NK WalMart has anything decent.” I suggested, thinking maybe we could find some sleeping bags or something.

We were in better spirits going into this one. There were hardly any other customers and no one bothered us. We discovered not only a boatload of camping and tent clearance but also……


For $100!

Holy balls, we were thrilled!

It was the last one, probably anywhere!

It shone like a beacon on the shelf, and I felt like a mad Black Friday shopper as I ran up to it and Eric hastily put it in the cart.

“Well, sh**!” I said to Eric, still beside myself with glee that our tent was in the cart. “Glad I stormed out of that store!”


Eric laughed in spite of himself.

Sh** Just got real

Here it is- in the living room!


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