Motel 6 & The Snowstorm

We managed to avoid the nor’easter…until mid Pennsylvania. For most of the trip, we saw clear roads and zero snow.

About halfway down 84, the snow on the ground slowly increased, like a time lapse video in real time (yea, I dunno). When you start to see tractor trailers off the road in ditches and such, you may want to consider stopping for the night.

Thankfully, we were less than a mile from the next exit which had a cheap Motel 6 right off the highway. I was more worried that we might get stuck in the parking lot than I was about it being…a cheap Motel 6 right off the highway.

I realized not only were we in a pickup truck, but also we’ve watched way too much Forensic Files.

We landed a room on the second floor with paper thin walls right next to another family with loud kids. Our kids were semi obnoxious and road riled but we’re no matter for the neighbors! One luck point for us!

The kids always find novelty in motel rooms, and took it upon themselves to tear ass from one end to the other and keep each other awake until about 11pm.

We crashed early (yes, midnight is early for us!) and woke up to the snow over and the sun shining. Thankfully, because we have a fun day of touring sad and lively battlefields ahead of us.

With no Cumbies in sight, we were forced to stop at a Dunkin on 61 South, where we got tailgated down a slight mountainside by a white BMW and the driver shook her head at us when she passed us on the right.

The customer service representative at Dunkin failed to include a plastic knife with Mr. 9 Year Old’s bagel with cream cheese so we sent him in to get one. Once he got back in the truck, a man who had just parked his truck across from us came over , reaching into his pocket, obviously looking for something.

“Does your son like magnets?” He asked, extending his hand with an inch round magnet in it.

“Aw, Thanks! He loves magnets!” We tried to be polite but were also touched by his thoughtfulness.

“You know, he can pick up all sorts of nails and stuff.” He replied with a shrug as he turned to walk away.

“Thank you very much! ”

“Cuz, if he was in school he would get that.”

We thanked him again but as he walked away my snark popped up and opened my mouth for me.

“Ya, in school he could also get shot or bullied, for f**ks sake!” I snapped, though he was long gone out of ear shot.

How does this guy know if he’s ever been given magnets?!

Any hoo.

Here’s a cute pic of the baby eating a rice cake in the incredible window light at Motel 6.

Fun Tidbit: There was a random ” We Care” sticker on the wall by the door at the motel. The toddler took it off and we found that it covered a hole about the size of a small subway sandwich. Hmmm.




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