Chilly Tent in the Rain

When shit gets real.

So we left our cushy, cheap motel room in Gettysburg and headed towards our first campground stop in North Carolina.

We were making great time until we hit red traffic on google maps from Washington to Fredericksburg, VA.

That’s especially frustrating when all the kids are fussing about one thing or another.

Mr. Toddler got peanut butter and jelly all over his jacket.

Eric and I nitpicked and argued more than we ever have in a 18 hour period (we never argue).

At least it was semi warm in Virginia!

Upon arrival in North Carolina, I became aware that it was raining a lot more than I originally thought.

Like, overnight and into the morning rain.

Still, the forecast looked like light rain.

Say it with me now :

Light rain.

So, we made a game plan before we arrived and explained to the kids that they wouldn’t be getting out right away.

If there is one thing Eric and I are, it’s a great team. We can get shit done. We got our huge cabin tent set up for the first time very quickly and thankfully the rain slowed to a drizzle for us and it seemed to warm up a tad.


We got in and unpacked and got all the kids fed and jammied and content. The rain picked up a little but it sounded pleasant in the tent. Heck, I even made a Facebook post about it.

The kids fell asleep almost as soon as their heads hit the pillows and we thought we were golden.

It then proceeded to rain until 7am.

Like, a step below a downpour.

The baby was up all night.

The toddler rolled off his hammock cot, while in his sleeping bag.

I had to pee.

I think the same monster truck with loud exhaust continually drove up and down the main road, revving his engine at every possible opportunity. That, or everyone in town owns a throaty V8 🤷🏼‍♀️

Mr.9YO woke up to the outside of his sleeping bag soaked because he had tucked himself against the wall of the tent.

I was up all night, too, after disrupting my bad rotator cuff by sleeping on my right side to tend to the baby who was bundled and sleeping with us.

The rain sounded like people walking past the tent all night long. That was cool.

I kicked myself for not waterproofing the tent before we left.

The plus to all of this was that for 12 hours of heavy rainfall, there was hardly any IN the tent and it wasn’t windy, so we didn’t have to pull out our Super Duty Tent Stakes!

We woke up to birds on the lake and church bells in the distance and the rain finally over.

And now we have coffee.




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