Cabin, coffee & cooking

Upon awakening from our harrowing cold and soggy night, I wanted to stay in the chilly sleeping bag forever. Eric got me out by reminding me that the truck was warm and dry and there was coffee waiting at a Dunkin Donuts near you!

We got coffee and breakfast sandwiches and tried to get our heads together.

We decided to check out a nearby state park that had cabins, on the long shot that they would have one available.

Because f**k that cold and wet business.

The state park was beautiful and Uber clean and neat. We got a cabin for two nights and went to pack up the tent . We opted to leave the tent to air out until the next day.

After running errands, we landed back at the cabin in the later afternoon.

We broke out the camp stove and made dinner and coffee.

In case you ever decide to go on an extended camping trip and want to know how to use your camp percolater…

Fill basket with coffee, fill pot with water to just below basket. Bring to a boil and simmer for about 10 minutes.

Legit coffee.

Attempt to not let it boil over and get coffee and coffee grounds all over the pot and new camping stove.


Using the trails in the park, we wore the heck out of the kids and by evening, they were ASKING to go to bed !




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