Relics & Ruckus

We woke up to Mr. Toddler in my camera bag 😱😱

Then we had waffles and coffee outside, with monstrous pine trees swaying above us.

It was pretty awesome.

We decided to hit up the Blue-Grey Scenic Byway, which is a road of historical significance regarding the civil war. About 10 minutes in we realized we had to get our tent from the other campsite.


It had been pretty windy the night before and I worried that our huge cabin tent had torn up its puny stakes and was tangled in a tree in the river.

To our delight, it had only pulled up two. It was still standing and was virtually dry as a bone.

I was pretty proud when we were able to Pack the tent back into the original bag! We high fived each other on that one.

We swung by to see the USS Neuse, as seen in the photo above, which was a Civil War ship that ran aground on its maiden voyage .

The rest of our day was fairly basic. We had dinner at the cabin. The baby napped and then we took a walk. Then we took showers …then babies went to bed…then campfire…

That was the gist of the day.

It was mostly quiet and relaxed and, shit- we were in the peaceful woods of Cliffs of The Neuse State Park.

There was no shitty neighborhood around us, no dramatic high pressure jobs to think about.

Though, after the walk, 9 year old had a massive melt down because I asked him twice if he was hungry and after he said no twice, I didn’t give him food. 🤷🏼‍♀️

We used a gallon of propane in 2 days.

Our last night in the cabin and then off to our next stop!



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