Inflatable Pillows & Taxidermy

On our last night in the cabin, we had a small fire and then climbed into our double sleeping bag and adjusted our pillows.

For this trip, I opted for inflatable camping pillows.

“What the heck are these?!” Eric asked incredulously when they came in from Amazon, holding up the 4in by 4in square.

Since then, he’s busted my balls about the pillows. Admittedly, they aren’t goose down, heavenly bosoms of slumber, but they do the job. Though, I also haven’t slept a decent night since we’ve had them.

“Come on,” I said in the cabin. “They’re compact! They’re waterproof!”

“Yes. When the tent floods with water, we can float away with the pillows.” Eric laughed.

“Hey, listen, pal. If Jack had had these pillows on the Titanic, he would have made it!”

It was at that point we both totally lost our shit laughing and decided to buy regular pillows.

In the morning I made breakfast while the kids fussed.

I gave Liam all of my eggs, yet he still fussed.

Then we packed the truck…while the kids fussed.

We headed back into Kinston, to visit the Free nature & science centers at the original campground.

It was a pretty cool spot and the kids enjoyed themselves, seeing life size stuffed animals (literally) and making tornadoes in the tornado machine, among other things.

Then, we headed back to the truck…while the kids fussed.



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