Relaxation & Swamp Canopies

Overnight was chilly.

Of course the forecast is always several degrees higher than it actually is😳 At least we planned for it!

I woke up wanting to shoot the inflatable pillows, cursing the world because why can’t moms ever sleep?!

Mr. Toddler decided he should make Miss Baby a bottle and proceeded to coat the top of the dry food tote with formula 🍼🍼 At least our tent is enormous and bigger than some studio apartments I’ve seen so it doesn’t FEEL so awful.

I left Eric in the tent with the kids and stumbled outside, coffee my only beacon; the stainless percolator beckoning from the picnic table.

I made egg whites with cheese and spinach/kale nuggets for breakfast and subsequently had a lengthy battle of wills with the boys about how much they hated veggie burgers and we were terrible for insisting they eat a good diet.

Tough s**t, kids. This isn’t a restaurant and you know far less than we do about nutrition.

Mr. 9YO, surprisingly, ate his whole plate, though it was less easy to convince Mr. Toddler.

We started this journey with three separate coolers, all of which we insulated and packed with frozen water bottles. I made a freezer compartment on the bottom with a sheet of insulation separating it from the fridge section above. I’m psyched to report that after a whole week of use, the water bottles in our biggest cooler still have ice in them! And the cooler is holding cold air like it’s supposed to.

Score one for the off grid camping team! If that’s even a term.

The other two coolers have proven almost useless. They are both Colemans- one red and one small blue stackable.

Below is the cooler of higher bad assery when we first bought it 4ish years ago:

While Miss Baby napped after stuffing herself happily with the nutritious breakfast we provided, we sat in our camping chairs, enjoying the first day of warm weather this year. The high for the day was 80.

The breeze swayed through the moss in the trees and no one bothered us. The site is incredibly peaceful and fabulous, actually, and has its own resident song birds that surround us with music all day.

The boys played in the sand/dirt and got filthy but hey.


Later in the afternoon, we went to Nearby Lynches River County Park , which has a very cool nature center and several trails which included a river walk and a canopy walk.

Tired the kids out something fierce then headed back for dinner and campfire.



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  1. The header photo reminds me of my own eldest boy! Where was this? Sounds lovely.

    PS: Sam has the coolest hairline.

    1. Lee State Park, Bishopville, SC. Really cool park which I’ll probably post about tomorrow 💕 Sam reminds me of a vampire on occasion…

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