Noisy Kids & Tent Sealing

This post is boring. Except for the clip of Mr. Toddler puddle running 😁😁

We read that there was rain in the forecast for Friday morning, so after our insane experience on our first night in North Carolina, we made sure to be doubly prepared.

We cleaned out the truck, waterproofed the rain fly (which we had to do anyway) and organized the campsite and tent for the impending storm. I think I was a little traumatized and twitching, though I’ve camped in the rain many times before. Maybe it was the temperature drop that kicked our butts.

A lot of people have asked what we’re gonna do with the kids and how are we going to manage being in a tent with the kids for 3 months.

Well, the same way we stayed in the house with the kids.

The kids are virtually the same as they were back home, with the exception that they fall asleep waaaay easier when camping.

We still have to lock and kid proof the tent, still wake up in the night to Miss Baby losing her bink, still have to feed them, change them and deal with Mr. 9YO bs attitude all day. There are naps and showers and bedtimes. They are still noisy, still steal each other’s toys and make scenes wherever we go.

Extra considerations include paying attention to weather and making sure they are dressed appropriately for bed and that we have all necessary supplies on hand. We planned well ahead, and made investments in things like a camping high chair, cheap portable DVD player and decent bedding.

At least now we have a fire pit and green space! It’s really nice to be outdoors.



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