State Parks & Tent Poles

Rain was supposed to start at 6am. When we woke up at 7, there was only a light drizzle. It was supposed to pick up between 9am and 11am. Because we hadn’t set up the canopy, we decided to splurge for Dunkin instead of trying to cook in the rain or getting dry cereal all over the tent .

Any Dunkin felt like 25 miles away and Mr. Toddler fussed the whole way because he was suddenly starving, though he had been snacking all morning.

Coffee. Need Coffee.

We visited Lee State Park in Bishopville, SC, and were pleasantly surprised! It had a day use area, a Campground, and trails, including an easy boardwalk

We headed to WalMart to do some quick shopping but, as usual, it turned into a lengthy fiasco where everyone was fussing, including me.

We headed back to the campsite, and upon arrival, both babies had just fallen asleep .

Don’t wake the sleeping babies!

We decided to have a quick smoke and then take a drive, but when we got out of the truck, we spotted two random ass dogs just inside the tree line, staring at us.

I walked Mr. 9YO back to the truck and stood with bated breath while Eric, the dog whisperer approached the strange and unfamiliar animals. One ran off and the other wagged its tail. They appeared to belong to the house that was butted up to the back of the trees behind the campsite.

This ties directly into the first trip Eric took to WalMart when we first got here. He returns and says to me:

“There were wild dogs in the WalMart parking lot.”



Before dinner, we decided to take out our back up tent, which we brought along because it’s smaller, warmer and 10x easier to set up compared to the 14 person cabin tent we have. We planned a few quick stops where setting up the huge tent would be a massive pain in the ass.

I set Mr. 9 YO about the task of setting it up to air it out. He’s completely capable of setting up a tent.

Mr. Toddler got a hold of one of the poles, and started dragging it around like a rope .

My hands full, I instructed Mr. 9YO to take it back before it broke.

I told him several times to get it back before it broke.

Mr.9 YO enjoys long walks on the beach and completely ignoring me on a regular basis.

What happened?

The tent pole snapped. The elastic got stretched too far and it broke, like I said it would.

Awesome. Now we have to repair the pole, buy a new back up or set up the huge tent at every stop.

Tantrum ensued (guess which person in our party had a tantrum) but eventually, I convinced Mr.9YO to fold the tent up properly and 20 minutes later , it was in the bag.

Follow link below to video!


Ruckus ensues between the boys and oldest boy is acting just as nutty as the younger.

“Take your plate and go sit over there.” I tell him once I’ve ground through all the patience I had left.

*fussing & refusal *

“Take your plate and go sit over there.”

*fussing & refusal*


Promptly, Mr. Toddler grabs food off older brother’s plate and throws it to the ground.


Mr. Toddler grabs the last remaining hot dog on brother’s plate and takes a bite.

Chaos ensues again.

For the first time on this trip, wine totally happened that night after bedtime.



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