Stress & Stress

Today was just…stressful.

When traveling with kids, in general, let alone a high maintenance one, it can be tumultuous. It was batshit before we left, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised but it is still more draining on some days versus others and makes me want to crawl under a rock and stay there.

I think of that scene in Riding in Cars With Boys where Beverly loses her shit on the front lawn and all the neighbors are looking on.

Bad quality scene inserted below:

Aforementioned Movie Scene Here

Nobody quite lost there shit, but I definitely was that Mom barking at her kid at the campground.

“Time for shower.” I said, once bedtime began to rear its ugly head.

“I’ll do it later.”

“I’d like you to do it now before the babies go to bed.” Smoke is beginning to seep out of my ears but I tell myself to remain calm.

“No, I don’t want to.” Kid continues playing in dirt, getting dirtier by the nano second.

Insert all the nice and healthy ways that you’re supposed to talk to your kid when they’re being difficult and defiant here.

When those didn’t work, and the baby start fussing and the toddler started running into the mesh door of the tent, I started bellowing.

The entire 10 site campground went silent for about 10 seconds, like we were in a movie and then the din started back up.

I was so embarrassed and so keenly aware that there was a couple in a camper one site over, probably popping popcorn and videotaping the incident to put on YouTube.


We managed to get laundry done during the day, at least.

I did get this cool photo of eggshells on the picnic table. I’m not 100% sure how it even got there, but it does define how our day went.






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