Traffic & Tantrums

We woke up to a beautiful morning and packed the truck quickly as we hadn’t had much out anyway.

I guessed the code for the women’s bathroom and it was correct!

Then I found our paper with the codes, on the back of the toilet seat where I had left it the day before.

Doh! Go, me.

We swung by WalMart and were able to find an exact replacement back up tent which was a miracle because we bought ours originally almost a year ago.

The day was downhill from there.

We hopped on 95 South and let me tell you something about 95. I hate 95. There is ALWAYS an issue. It doesn’t matter whowhatwhenwhere.




We convinced ourselves that we were fine this time and the map was clear.

We were trucking along for a whole 10 minutes before we hit the back up.

An hour long traffic jam.

We played wicked music, played movie theme songs…then started to get fed up.

People started flying past in the break down lane. Then everyone started passing in the break down lane. Then they started passing in the grass/ditch NEXT to the brake down lane. The Class A motor home in front of us towing a Suburban went into the grass! I wondered if he’d tip over but he felt pretty confident 🤷🏼‍♀️

We were about an 1000 feet from the off ramp when we went into the break down lane and took the exit.

Traffic was backed up that way , too. Cars were going the wrong way AND backwards on the opposite ramp. It was sheer pandemonium.

A quarter of a tank of gas later , we were out of it and everyone was snappy and pissy.

We had to reroute and I cursed 95 and said we’re never set foot nor tire on it again.

We backroaded our way through South Carolina and finally into Georgia.

The drive was pleasant and very pretty.

We reached our destination and let me tell you something about Mr. 9YO.




Long story short, a tantrum ensued and I threw in the towel. Nearly 12 days straight of swearing and disrespectful attitude problems and I’m done.

We found an awesome little spot on a peaceful Georgia river and it’s viciously disrupted by another bullsht tantrum. Probably because he did something he shouldn’t have and is afraid of getting caught.

Anyone reading this who has an issue with me mentioning behavior problems in our kid, leave. This is our real life and he has been a holy terror for years. It’s discussed openly and candidly. Frankly, I don’t care how embarrassing the discussion is for him or anyone because he has been 10x more embarrassing when he yells, “F You, Mom!” Or “No. I’m not following the rules.” Or “Yes I threw all the firewood in the woods because you didn’t cater to my every whim and desire.” In the middle of a crowded campground, store, parking lot and just about anywhere he decides he wants attention or to give one of us a hard time. He was giving me shit in Aldi in North Carolina, and the cashier snapped at him, with her southern twang, to listen to your mother.

Like when we pulled up at the motel and I said, “My friggin birthday is in 4 days!” I notice he’s in the backseat smirking.

I should sign him up for drama classes.

I’m sick and tired of it, and he really needs to go on Maury for a friggin Boot camp.

So, we went into town and got a motel room. Eric and I were both so frustrated and at our wits end that we couldn’t see another way but to turn back.

At least we made it to Georgia, y’all!



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