Pine & Palmetto

After a lengthy conversation, we decided to attempt extra game plan and not let our trip be ruined by Mr. Punk A** or anything for that matter.

After a morning melee over sausage, egg and cheese croissants, we headed out. We grabbed coffee, made some phone calls and did a re route.

We drove through the oceans of pines of southern Georgia, enjoying the engulfing tranquility.

Soon we were passing Okeefenokee Wildlife Refuge and the words “gators, snakes & bears” flashed through my head on repeat.

Oh my!

After an easy drive, we made it to the campground, not without getting lost in the process.

We arrived at Osceola National Forest and honestly, this place was nothing short of amazing. Towering pines, low palmettos, and butterflies everywhere.

We threw up the backup tent and took a walk, and I was glad we decided to forge on.

We had BBQ chicken, potatoes and corn over the fire and I forgot how awesome grilling is.

We saw an armadillo scurrying through, making a huge racket, but it was still pretty cool.



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