Dry Ice & Thunderstorms

Our first morning at Ocean Pond Campground was gorgeous. I really can’t get over how incredible this campground is. At $8/night you really can’t beat it.

We explored some of the Osceola National Forest in the morning, including the other two campgrounds in the vicinity.

Cobb Hunt Camp is free to stay at, though it has no facilities and has a small pond with stagnant water and some car killing ruts in the road. It was a nice setting, though and there is plenty of room to park an RV.

Hog Pen Landing is $2/night and had some decent waterfront sights, though they had bear safe trash cans 🤔 and no facilities. We saw some deer nearby and the forest on a whole is absolutely beautiful.

We cruised through, hoping to see some wildlife and an adventurous Florida butterfly followed us for about 2 miles!

We thought we were heading towards the Olustee Battlefield State Park but wound up at a locked gate. Meh.

After backtracking, we made it to the park. The Battlefield was the site of the largest Civil War battle in Florida. It was very quiet and peaceful and had several trails, one of which takes you through the site of the battlefield.

There were tons of birds and butterflies, and the weather was perfect for a walk.


The torrential downpour. We were just at the halfway point of the loop when I felt raindrops.

“Move your asses, kids! ” I yelled (I’m paraphrasing…kinda). “Go! Go! Go!”

“Go! Go! Go!” Mr. Toddler repeated in his cute, 2 year old voice.

We tried valiantly, but not enough to escape the downpour. Thank goodness it was warm!

Miss Baby started laughing hysterically in the stroller, kicking her legs and waving her arms the whole walk back, tickled that she was getting drenched.

After that we paid next to nothing for a whole bunch of firewood right from the distributor. It seems that firewood is very hard to come by in Lake City, FL and some people had no idea what it even was. ?

We drove to Alligator Lake, in hopes of seeing alligators, but to see the gators you had to hike in and Mr Toddler was napping. Eric did see a huge gator print, though. Of course, I didn’t see it, nor did I snap a photo cuz I’ll be damned if I go to the water’s edge at a place called Alligator Lake in Florida ✌🏻😐

I’ve been on a futile hunt for dry ice since Charleston. It appears that Publix carries it and I’ve called the Lake City store to verify. I went in and to the dry ice cooler on our way back, hoping to pack and stock our fridge cooler. They were out. I think I groaned loud enough for the entire store to hear me.

We returned with our firewood, yet everything was wet- our fire pit from the night before, the leaves, twigs, pine needles. You name it.

It took forever to get it started, and we were like, “Balls! How are we gonna cook dinner??” Like it was the end of the world.

“That’s it. Dominos.” Eric said.

“No way is Dominos gonna deliver out here.”

Both of completely neglected to remember that we had a bad ass camping stove, pots and plenty of propane ten feet away in the bed of the truck.




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