Barrier Islands & Beaches

It was with a slightly reluctant heart that we packed up our site at Ocean Pond Campground.

I absolutely loved this campground! The sites varied, obviously, but many of them were spacious with a decent sense of privacy. We never did visit the showers but the bathrooms were fine and there were at least two water spigots on the primitive site loop. There were lots of other campers there but it wasn’t overbearing at all.

I wanted to hold the site for the next six years but we had to go.

I planned to take the next three hours on the road to upload my ebook to Amazon, and promptly found myself without signal. Good job, T-mobile!

The drive to St. George’s Island State Park was pleasant and scenic. So far on this trip, I’ve found that most of Northern Florida backroads are pleasant and scenic.

The first time the Gulf of Mexico came into view was pretty cool. It wasn’t as blue as I expected but the shoreline was abound with white sand and there were pelicans!

Like seagulls only bigger!

“That’s a mother f-ing pelican!” I blurted out when I saw the first one, excited like a kid, though the actual kids in the car didn’t give a crap about wild pelicans.

St. George Island is really scenic and beautiful and sort of what I expected Folly Beach to be like. There are houses and some shops but the bulk of it is miles of seashore.

The dunes are like small mountains and the campground is lovely! Our site is big enough to hold our enormous tent but we opted for the small tent as we were only there for one night. Check out is 1pm- Go, Florida!

Miss Baby and I stayed at the site while I organized the equipment totes and Eric took Mr. Toddler and Mr. 9YO to the beach to do some metal detecting.

I hung out in the tent with Miss Baby and after only a few minutes, it sounded like there was someone at the picnic table. Alarmed, I popped my head in the window and saw a whole host of woodland creatures had congregated around the table.


We had red birds, blue birds, a squirrel. It was like a Disney movie up in this piece!

I hadn’t left food out but they were certainly investigating! I whistled and clicked my tongue but the squirrel hardly budged. I tossed a twig towards it, and it was wholly nonplussed.

This was one desensitized rodent. Clearly not afraid of people in the least. I went out of the tent to make sure there was nothing for them to get into, cuz you know- a fed squirrel is a dead squirrel.

I tied the garbage bag a bit tighter and dared him to mess with my coffee. I went back to the tent and watched while he attempted futilely to get into said garbage bag. He failed.

Ha, sucker!

The mosquitoes were horrendous.

The plus is that Mr. Toddler stuffed his face with quinoa and veggies when they returned, had a shower and was out like a light in no time.

Mr. 9YO met some kids at the next site and then decided to try to light the fire, using up the cardboard I had set aside to start the fire.

Not one to be undone with getting the campfire going, I got that thing blazing despite the loss.

Here’s Mr. 9YO dramatically and purposely getting “stuck in his chair” and falling into the brush.

If this trip is anything, it’s entertaining.




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