Ocala National Forest

Knowing that there was going to be rain for the next two days…we decided to take a ride down the Florida Black Bear Scenic Byway.

This is a 123 mile route that goes through the heart of the Ocala National Forest in central Florida. Apparently, it’s got the densest population of black bears in the country (or maybe the world; I honestly don’t remember). It’s renowned for wildlife and great natural beauty.

I knew we wouldn’t be able to do too much exploring with the rain and also the kids, but we thought we’d go to a place we’d never been and enjoy it from the car , like we usually do.

Throughout the drive, we off-roaded a bit, checked out some of the campgrounds in the forest, all of which warned of bear activity in the area. We saw deer prints galore and one huge deer in the road. We saw two turkeys and a turtle.

No bear. Saw some prints that could have been bear , among coyote, raccoon and possibly a big cat.

We decided to check out Big Scrub Campground, and after 8 miles we arrive and it’s closed. No sign? 🤬

On the way home it was utterly torrential. There were more accidents than I can even consider reasonable. I feel like people down here would be much more acclimated to driving in the rain, considering that it ONLY rains in Florida. This isn’t the first time either. On our drive out of Florida Caverns State Park, we noticed several cars off the road.

I have noticed that people ride our ass a lot. Even while doing 60, they get frustrated with us.

At any rate, we returned to the campsite while it was still light out and thankfully, NOT raining. I walked the boys to the showers, which were roomy and had locking doors, but reminded me slightly of prison showers.

Everyone fell asleep easily, except for Miss Baby who would have been content to crawl all over the tent for hours.

4:30am the rain started again 😁😁



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