Raccoons Continued

Another day in paradise.

Finally, the sun!

We had breakfast then Miss Baby took a nap. I took a walk with Mr. Toddler , and looked for butterflies, while Mr. 9YO pitched a fit about whatever the issue was today ( for no reason I could actually see).

We cleaned up the truck, straightened the tent and coolers , then hopped in the truck to get wood and do stuff in town.

We checked out some more forest roads and campgrounds, and headed back in time for dinner and a walk to the playground before bed.

Miss Baby was out like a light, but Mr. Toddler proceeded to fight bedtime and get out of the pack and play until 11:10pm.

Yay! 😁

Meanwhile, the raccoon returned.

And returned.

And returned again.


Then a random cat appeared.

I’m like, “Are we having a party and no one told me?”


Mr. 9YO asked if he could stay up with us until we went to be so he wouldn’t miss any of the action.

Yeah right, and invade our 45 seconds of quiet adult time?!

Get your butt to bed!

Mr. Raccoon returned, and sniffed around but we had no food out. It was quite clear that someone somewhere had been feeding him, and it was unfortunate. He wasn’t aggressive at all but way more acclimated to people than a raccoon should be.

Finally, we locked the tent and got in bed.

We were talking when we heard a noise.

We had mixed opinions about what it was:

First we thought it was someone in another campsite chopping wood.

Then, Eric said two raccoons fighting.

Then I said I thought it sounded like a bear in the dumpster.

Then one of the three babies in the campground woke up, losing her shit , demanding her mom.

Then Emma fussed.

Then Liam fussed again.

Then I started to not care if there was a possible bear in the dumpster.

Then Eric fell asleep.

Then, my exhaustion got the best of me and I passed out.



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