Springs and Spiders

Years ago, I was super squeamish with spiders. Like , squealing and jumping on the counter to get away from it, Hollywood/meme style.

Now, I have no such luxury.

I remember being a kid and playing with mud and worms. My brother and me used to mix grass clippings with water to make toxic sludge. I remember when I was 7, and a bee flew into my can of grape soda. When I was a teenager, I arrived at work after walking in with my phenomenally long hair down (duh). I was finger combing my hair to put it up for work and promptly found the biggest June bug on the planet, firmly attached to my hair.


Bugs are life, especially when you’re camping. And they vary depending on the environment. I think I’ve seen more spiders in the past 3 weeks than I’ve seen in my entire life!

I’ve gotten better but still have trouble looking at them directly.

But with everything icky comes incredible beauty. We’ve also seen several species of butterfly and dragonfly, along with more birds than I can count. Today I was within 15 feet of THREE white tail deer 🦌 and was able to get several photos.

We visited Manatee Springs State Park and it was beautiful!

I used to say I had no interest in Florida and I didn’t like it AT ALL. We actually ended up camping here by accident and I have zero regrets.

Once we got on the boardwalk on the trail, I took back every bad thing I ever said about Florida.

I still hate the cities but the wild parts are frigging amazing. Some of the state parks here are utterly breathtaking. The water is an incredible turquoise color , studded with cypress and huge fish!


I want to see every spring in the state!



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