Swamps & Boardwalks

After a fabulous breakfast of whole grain blueberry/cranberry instant oatmeal (soo easy for camping), we headed for some trails, literally with bells on.

We started with the Fanny Bay Trail in the Osceola National Forest. This was an easy 1 mile in and out, half being a grassy trail and half being the boardwalk.

Any boardwalk through a swamp is pretty cool, and this had a observation deck at the end with a bench where we had juice boxes and trail mix. There were butterflies everywhere!

Butterfly Vid Here

From there we traveled to Falling Creek Park, the site of an original settlement and Native American village.

Also, the tallest (man made) waterfall in Florida.

This park was also half trail and half boardwalk and was quite pleasant.

At the end, we sat in the grass while the boys played on the playground.

We grabbed food for dinner and returned to the campground, suddenly remembering that is was Friday and the quiet little campground village dynamic we had going on was going to be invaded by noisy idiot millennials who would do such things as idle their car in front of your tent right after you got the babies to bed and talk loudly, then slam the doors and reverse back up the one way campground road.

Or, randomly walk through people’s campsites at midnight . Multiple times.

Or slam the bathroom door.

Or stay up being loud and shining lights until at least 2/2:30 am…

Or giggly girl shrieking like it’s cute to be a major disturbance for no reason.

I woke up in the morning and ran into a chick in the (primitive) bathhouse who must have had every beauty and hygiene and facial wash product known to man set up in the bathroom and was foam cleaning her face with headbands and all.

Great! I thought. The more wildlife the better!

At least they won’t be in our tent!



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