When you’re hanging out in a tent for 3 months,weather is a reality.

If it’s too hot, the tent is too hot.

If it’s chilly, the tent is chilly.

If it rains, you hope that it doesn’t rain in the tent. And if it doesn’t rain in the tent, it’s going to rain on whatever is outside that isn’t covered. Then you find two inches of cheese water in your cooler and you have yet to figure out how the rain got past the air tight lid. 🤔

I used to never care about the weather.


I never prepared in general and hardly prepared for blizzards, which is probably the worst thing that can happen in Newport, RI. I never had an issue, but the point is I never cared so much about daily highs and lows and precipitation and wind speed than when we decided to spend 3 months in a tent.

I guess this point was really driven home for me on our first night in a tent and I realized that 40 degrees was not as warm as I thought it was.

Since then, I find myself rigidly preparing. Even 50 is colder than I personally like. We have all the blankets and sleeping bags and thermals and footy pjs necessary to keep us warm, but still, this is why we aren’t camping in New England right now.

We spent the better part of today talking about how the next two nights were going to be chilly and it was raining tomorrow.

Originally, we planned to sleep in our back up tent, which we set up today after letting it dry out after the 3 days of rain that happened . Upon set up, we discovered an astronomical amount of spiders in it and a two inch beetle (?). I was officially sleeved out and considered ways to stay in our big tent.

Our big tent is fabulous. It’s roomy and well ventilated, but really, it’s not the greatest in extreme weather. It’s not meant for camping on Mount Everest, in the driving wind and snow. The great ventilation means that it lets in plenty of air, whether it’s cold or otherwise. It’s also a cabin tent and for whatever BS reason, it does leak a bit in heavy rains. I suspect a design flaw and have considered contacting the company.

But ain’t nobody got time for that!

We managed to reduce the rain by putting a tarp over the center and over our room. We’ll see how it holds up.

We have a cold weather sleeping bag and the kids are sufficiently bundled per the predicted weather.

Simply put, however, I don’t want to deal with the cold and I approach it mentally like a toddler having a tantrum.

My biggest problem is that I hate wearing socks to bed. HATE IT. Yet, it always bites me in the ass when a simple pair of socks can make the difference between a good nights sleep and not.


So we headed to WalMart, after buying two more very inexpensive tarps at Harbor Freight. Along with more tent stakes because, let’s be real, the more variety or stakes you have, the better.

I went to the women’s section, looking for a good solid pair of, say, wool socks.

Literally, nothing.

“We’re in Florida.” Eric said.

So….it doesn’t ever get chilly here?!

I headed to the men’s section, thinking, surely, they would have something.


We settled for the next best thing, which was men’s work socks.

And I guess I can’t totally complain, because there is something about new men’s socks that are just…superior.

Onward to an inch of rain!



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