What a Day

The day began innocently enough.

I suppose I was a bit testy, because almost instantly upon setting foot outside, Mr. 9YO and Mr. Toddler went to harass the kids at the neighboring campsite. They were starting their day and we were starting ours and I felt that it was slightly inappropriate to invade so early.

Plus, Mr. 9YO was wearing the dirtiest shirt on the planet which was smeared with what looked like ketchup (?).

Ok, so we got through that. Made breakfast.

Miss Baby, who now wants next to nothing to do with her bottle, probably ate more than her brothers combined.

Eric and I sat down with our first coffee to figure out our plan for the day. Alarms must have sounded because all hell broke loose from there. Without getting into detail, someone had a massive tantrum and then someone else had a massive tantrum which threatened to ruin the day.

We gathered our sanity and decided that we had plans to go spring swimming and dammit! We were going to do it!

We stopped by Big Lots and picked up sunscreen and a floatie for Miss Baby and headed to Ichetucknee Springs State Park.

As usual, it was a beautiful Florida State Park with an awesome swimming hole. We hiked first down the Blue Hole Trail, which led us to a deep pool, mostly for diving.

We saw this on the way:

I’m pretty proud of that iPhone shot.

We then headed to the Head Spring Trail and the water was an amazing emerald green and so inviting. There were steps and ledges around the edge where you could sit and dangle your feet in.

Here’s The Video of It!

On the way home, we found an awesome spot for free downed firewood; enough for the rest of our stay. That was probably the functional highlight of our day.

After dinner, we took the babies inside and got them cleaned up and jammied for bed. While they played with their cars, we researched more spring to visit.

Finally, when they were all in bed, Mr. Toddler flipped the biggest fit he’s had in a while because his YouTube train video ended and it was lights out time.

I swear he woke anyone who may have been asleep.

Eric finally convinced him that he wanted to go swimming tomorrow, too and needed to get rest. Then I hummed lullabies to him and he fell asleep.

Thankfully it’s midweek and the campground is less than 1/4 full.

The plus side is that right around the time he started losing it, the family of 7 next door was returning uncharacteristically late and 1, maybe 2 of their kids started losing it. So, while we totally sympathized, we didn’t feel like the only strung out parents in the place. Of course, I swear they never yell.


Finally, it was quiet as we sat down to our campfire. I promptly heard a rustling in the leaves in the vacant site behind us.

“Sounds like a bear.” Eric said.

“Of course. Now would be the time a damn bear wanders into the campsite!”

“I’ll give that bear a piece of my mind.” Eric snorted, clearly done with today’s events.

“Great, bear! Just f-ing great!”

Ok. It wasn’t a bear. Pretty sure it was another armadillo, scurrying and crashing it’s way around or maybe even just leaves or June bugs or caterpillars falling from the trees.

Note: there are no bear warnings at this campground. In fact, the dumpster doesn’t even have a cover.



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