Sulphur & Cinnamon Buns

I woke up, after another long night of giving Miss Baby her bink every 35 seconds.

I started the coffee and stared into the waning cooler. I considered that we would have to do food shopping soon and shuddered. I wondered if we could get groceries delivered to the campsite.


I finally decided to make the two cans of cinnamon rolls. F**k it. Meltdowns happen whether I administer fruits and veggies or processed crap so screw it, right?

Plus, that’s the bulk of what was in the cooler, so 🤷🏼‍♀️

Mr. Toddler stuffed his face, chipmunk style and Miss Baby gnawed on her small pieces, taking dainty bites and pondering the world between each.

I made a mad dash to get in my coffee down my throat before one of the kids noticed and intervened.

We managed to straighten the tent and get everyone into the truck.

Our destination for the day was Suwanee Springs which was the site of an old sulphur spa. The ruins are still there and I thought that was pretty cool.

Suwanee Springs Video Here! 😃



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