Downpours & Dirt Roads

The rain began at 4am or so.

I think.

Really, it’s all a blur. I don’t even know what day it is.

The storm managed to skirt us a bit, though we still had rain until about 8ish.

I think.

I was up all night on and off with Miss Baby and by the time Eric woke up, I hid under my pillow and tried to go back to sleep while he rassled the kids.

I finally got up after Mr 9YO continued to whine and bellow about heaven only knows what. In my sleep induced exhausted coma, I hollered for him to be quiet but who was I kidding.

I tried to get through a cup of coffee but the instant my lips touched the brim someone cackled about something.

Finally, I got up and made more food. I was getting a little testy and so was everyone else. Food was in order.

Shortly thereafter, a quick rainstorm rolled over the campground.

It ended as soon as it started and we decided to get everyone together for the day.

“Here comes the downpour.” Eric said a few minutes later.

Sure as s**t, the wind whipped up and it started to downpour. We dove under the canopy over the picnic table and subsequently got halfway drenched.

Miss Baby loved it. She was in her umbrella stroller at the time, and laughed and kicked her feet the whole time. Guess she loves get downpoured on 🤷🏼‍♀️

Within 5 minutes, it was over and the sun came out.


Mr. Toddler, the puddle enthusiast of the group, splashed through each and every one within a 20 foot radius.

It was midday nap time by then, so we hosed off and wiped down the little ones, changed diapers and packed them in the truck.

We checked out a trail but it was too muddy for the stroller. We found a State Forest with campgrounds on the map that we’d never seen so off we went.

The first one had a small picnic/fishing/day use area which was pretty scenic though it reeked of gator and black bear potential, especially after we spotted the bear droppings halfway through our mindful, handheld jaunt.

It was interesting because there were no bear boxes or any bear warnings of any kind anywhere, though it was prime area and fairly remote.

Quick Vid of the River⬅️⬅️⬅️

We left there soon after finding the droppings and headed for the next campgrounds.

These State forest roads were less passable than Osceola. But hey, it’s all part of the journey. They were similar to Ocala National Forest (muddy) where we had some light off roading fun, especially since it was raining and the roads are quite hilly. When I say Off Roading, what I really mean is driving through manageable puddles on wooded, dirt roads. We did find ourselves minimally, and inadvertently airborne at one point in Ocala.

The kids love it, even Miss Baby. I imagine her as an adult, with a sticker on her truck that says “Bad Ass Girls Drive Bad Ass Toys” , and she’s tough as nails. I told Eric that when she starts dating (when she’s 45), and brings a boy home, he totally has to be cleaning a gun or something with all four of her older brothers present.


Here’s a quick video of what to do when you’re all just irritable, tired and stressed out on an extended camping trip with 3 kids that no one forced you to go on or anything. ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Some High Speed Giggling Right Here

It’s choppy, I know, but so were the roads and so is my sleep schedule.

After 4 turn arounds at puddles we weren’t willing to take on, we headed back to the campsite, without ever seeing the other campgrounds.

Eric built the fire, I prepared dinner, Mr.9YO straightened up and set the table, Mr. Toddler ran around like a chicken with his head cut off and Miss Baby played quietly in the pack and play.

We had burgers and dogs on the grill and I swear, I could never get sick of them.

More hosing down, diapers and jammies for the little ones.

Then…2 outta 3 kids asleep!

The raccoon returned, but didn’t stick around to get chased out by lunatic Mr. 9YO, who seems to take his presence as a personal offense, no matter how we try to explain wild animal behavior.

Finally, he went to bed, too.

We gave up on the fire eventually but the moon lit up the site.

A moment of quiet.

Then the armadillo returned ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️

Armadillo’s Appearance Here

Then the neighbor’s baby woke up.

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