peacock springs state park

Peacock Springs Fail

Mostly, we slept until 10 and sat around the campsite, drinking coffee and chatting until 1:30, at which point Miss Baby was about ready to have a nap.

We went in the tent and opened all the windows but it was desert hot in there. I readied to go do some work by the water while she napped but after looking at the clock we opted to go swimming instead.

We got in the truck and were all excited to head to the awesomeness of Little River Springs.

When we arrived, the parking lot was full, with scuba divers everywhere. They had even taken over our kid safe swimming spot with tanks and gear.

We weren’t far from Ichetucknee Springs. We really wanted to return to Manatee but it was too late in the afternoon.

We saw Peacock Springs State Park about 28 miles Northwest of us and after glancing at some photos, we headed that way.

This turned out to be disappointing, though it was a beautiful park.

We got to the self pay station but realized we only had a single dollar bill. We managed to scrape up an additional $3 for the entrance fee and proceeded down the one lane, rutted dirt road.

The water was almost wholly covered in duckweed, and the only accessible swimming area was occupied by a couple. They weren’t even swimming.

Everywhere else was full of scuba divers.

We couldn’t exactly kick them out, so we ended up leaving, amidst wails and crying because swimming was cancelled.

We silenced them with snacks and headed back to the campsite.

After a dinner of mozzarella sticks and jalapeno poppers (yes, that happened), Eric started bedtime with the babies and I headed to the showers with Mr 9YO.

I was rinsing off, enjoying the peace and quiet of being alone in a shower room for 15 minutes and being so fresh and so clean clean , when I hear :

“Hey, Mom! I just saw a frog piss itself!”




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