Bikes and Bathing Suits

“The rainfly is off. And it’s raining.” I remember saying at some point during the night.

The forecast flashed through my half asleep brain as Eric flew to his feet.

We went to bed around one, and had fallen asleep under a bright, huge moon that lit up the whole tent. We didn’t usually sleep with top open due to weather but tonight was decent and one of our last nights in Florida.

The radar had been clear. Clear, I tell you!

Miss Baby must have noticed I had just fallen asleep because at 3:15 she woke up demanding a bottle. She’s interesting because some nights she sleeps through and other nights she just doesn’t.

And it’s completely unpredictable.

Then, the rain.

Ok, so it wasn’t a deluge. Not a downpour that soaked all of our clothes (happened our first night, among others 😱), or a hurricane or anything, but a sprinkle, nonetheless.


We got up around 9ish (maybe? I dunno. I literally have a different concept of time since being on this trip and it’s great) and stuffed the kids with scrambled eggs and bananas and cinnamon buns, then we drank a whole pot of campfire coffee.

To note: I NEVER made coffee on a fire until we realized we were spending way too much on propane and decided to rough it by building fires twice a day to cook. When done right, campfire percolated coffee is absolutely perfect.😍☕️🔥

Quick, silly campfire coffee Vid here!⬅️⬅️

We decided to try Little River Springs again, and come hell or high water, we were swimming!

Except for gators. Gators terrify me almost as much as grizzly bears and pet tigers that get loose.

Also to note: I’m all for bikes for the kids. One of our kids lost their bike about a year ago when they behaved monstrously on their 3 day birthday camping trip. The other’s bike is at home because we either thought we couldn’t fit it or we forgot it. I don’t remember.

As we drove past the dumpster, we saw two bikes; a beach cruiser and a toddler trike. The family of 7 had left that morning and had left them behind and they were in decent shape.

The trike was German, yah!

We tossed them in the truck.

It was 1:50 by this point, and we had 10 minutes to kill before large iced coffees were $2 so we bullshitted around the Dunkin parking lot until 2:01. Apparently a local cop had the same idea because I swear he pulled in at 1:59 and took two minutes to bullsht around, himself, before going in.

I realized that they hadn’t charged us for almond milk in a while and I wondered if it had anything to do with the message I sent Dunkin Donuts on Facebook:

We stopped for gas (again). Gas prices have climbed $.25 in the 16 days we’ve been here. Why, though?

The spring was packed but our little beach area was empty and we took it over like it was Normandy.

I can’t reiterate enough how MF awesome this spring is.

Same pic from the other day because I didn’t bring the camera down this time. That’s our spot to the right next to the tree.

It seems to get warmer the longer you stay in and it’s heavenly. Oddly though, not for the babies. They enjoy the water but they get colder way quicker than we do, even though it’s not cold. I’m unsure of the science behind this except that they need to get out long before we want to.

We spirited them back to the truck, wrapped in their towels and got them in dry clothes and snacks.

We stopped along the way back and took some photos of flowers and livestock.

Dinner was burgers and dogs with jalapeño cheddar cheese, which the boys resisted like I was trying to feed them pigs feet.

Me: Fine. Don’t eat.

Boys: Waaaah!

Someone’s off leash dog was running around, and entered our campsite which almost prompted me to march around until I found the dog’s parents and lecture them about responsible dog ownership.

Thankfully, Eric is the Dog Whisperer and I didn’t have to make any embarrassing scenes.

This time.


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