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Wilgus State Park

Wilgus State Park

So we’ve been back home all of 10 days and in no time we were feeling a whole lotta f**k this s**t.

We decided to go back to our roots and shoot up to Vermont.

Since we were taking the Honda instead of the truck, we opted to rent a cabin instead of a tent site.

Honestly, it was nice to NOT break our balls trying to juggle the kids AND setting up the site, only to take it down two days later.

We’re usually ready to brave the great Up North before the Up North state parks are ready to open. You can find plenty of places to camp in New Hampshire but Vermont is a tad trickier in the off season, especially if you want a cabin.

Here’s where I should mention that Air BnB has tons of options for cabins up north but we NEVER use Air BnB. It’s not for any one reason or another, we just never use it. I think the extra cleaning cost is what gets me.

So, once we learned that Wilgus State Park was open for camping, we tossed ourselves in the car and disappeared.


It’s nice to go to Vermont because there is little to no T-Mobile signal in the state. Over the years, we’ve pretty much mapped out the places that have it, but often, there is none. Being 2018, you would think this would be a hindrance or a tragedy, but it’s actually proved to be a nice break. Subliminally, I know that I’ll have plenty of time to not be bombarded by bill collectors or prank phone calls or social media drama.

As it turns out, Wilgus has two bars of T-Mobile.

A small park, this one is very neat, clean and pleasant. The cabins, lean tos and tent sites are lined up along a bluff overlooking the Connecticut River and it makes for a really incredible experience.

We arrived on Mother’s Day and it was pretty sweet.

We gathered firewood, and made some yummy burgers with mozzarella sticks and jalapeño poppers over the fire. Short of a few campers on the other side of the park, we were the only ones there.

Definitely heard an animal on the ramp to the cabin porch overnight. Probably a deer but of course I imagine the worse, though after our time in Florida, I find that I’m not nearly as skittish as I used to be.

In the morning, we bought ice for iced coffee and made breakfast.

New Hampshire

After some romping around the place, we headed over to New Hampshire to do some searching and research. We hung out a bit at Wildwood Picnic area and campground and enjoyed the quiet familiarity of the mountains.

A yearly tradition we enjoy is where we try to go up the Mount Ascutney auto road before the park is open for the season. We pull up to the entrance and the gate is locked and we are all indignant, crying, “What the heck?” Until we realize we did it again.

So, we did that again on the second day.

All too soon it was time to leave and we lazed around the Brattleboro area until rain clouds moved in. Due to aforementioned signal lack, I dropped several phone calls I was attempting to make, one of which was mid voicemail. Score.

Mom texted telling me of Tornado warnings in Vermont.

We jetted out with the storm at our heels the entire way home.

We got stuck in traffic several times because Massholes can’t seem to drive in the rain.

The whole way home, we talked about moving to the mountains of Up North and building a cabin. Lofty , annual dreams, as the kids hooted and hollered in the backseat.

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