3 Months In a Tent ⛺️/ Day 34

Downpours & Dirt Roads The rain began at 4am or so. I think. Really, it’s all a blur. I don’t even know what day it is. The storm managed to skirt us a bit, though we still had rain until about 8ish. I think. I was up all night on Continue Reading

3 Months In a Tent ⛺️/ Day 33

Snakes & Scenic Views We spend a lot of our time exploring the places we go, even when we’re back home. One thing we like to explore is National and state forests. If you want to see the natural, mostly unspoiled and free (generally) beauty of an area, look on Continue Reading

3 Months In a Tent ⛺️/ Day 31

Bucket List Today I did something I’ve always wanted to do: swim in clear blue water. This was the fourth spring we’ve visited but I didn’t swim in any until Little River Springs in Brandford, Florida. The springs is an inlet off the Suwanee River and maintains a temperature of Continue Reading

3 Months In a Tent ⛺️/ Day 30

Sulphur & Cinnamon Buns I woke up, after another long night of giving Miss Baby her bink every 35 seconds. I started the coffee and stared into the waning cooler. I considered that we would have to do food shopping soon and shuddered. I wondered if we could get groceries Continue Reading

3 Months In a Tent ⛺️/ Day 29

What a Day The day began innocently enough. I suppose I was a bit testy, because almost instantly upon setting foot outside, Mr. 9YO and Mr. Toddler went to harass the kids at the neighboring campsite. They were starting their day and we were starting ours and I felt that Continue Reading