How We Travel With Kids

Travel With Kids – How We Make It Happen! Adventuring with The Wee Ones Travel with kids,especially babies, toddlers and high energy older brothers (we have all 3), can be challenging! If you are like us, you experience a myriad of emotions when faced with this prospect. Joy, fear, excitement, Continue Reading

How To Be Safe on The Road

Defensive Driving Techniques According to Google, defensive driving can be defined as: “driving to save lives, time, and money,  in spite of the conditions around you and the actions of others.”   It goes without saying, that there are plenty of people who drive like crap. One of my biggest pet Continue Reading

Adventuring? Yessss!

Get Adventuring! What is your inspiration? If there is one thing I advocate, it’s adventuring. It’s adventuring how it works for you. I met my friend, Laurie, years ago, when she was visiting from Ireland. I was a teenager, thinking I had it all together, running shifts at Subway. We Continue Reading