Mountain Road

Mount Kearsage, Elevation 2,936

If you make plans to visit an Auto Road, be sure to show up BEFORE they close the gates.
I don’t have much from Rollins State Park because we got there about 20 minutes after the last car up (4pm).


We were able to use the impeccably clean bathroom at the park station,
which was a lovely little building.
The woman at the desk was incredibly friendly, and took pity on us for our poor time management.
She explained that there was another state park on the opposite side of the mountain.
It didn’t got to the summit but it had a picnic area, nice views and didn’t close.
After I took this pretty flower photo, we decided to give the other side a try.
I mean, why not?
We’d only driven 3+ hours.
What was another 30 minutes?
Our drive from Rollins SP to Winslow SP took us on the highway
and then lazily up and through a residential neighborhood.
Seems that Mount Kearsage is cool enough to have TWO state parks on it,
in addition to the auto road in Rollins,
and two very popular hiking trails to the summit in Winslow.

Fun Fact: You can see Mount Kearsage from Pack Monadnock (it’s on the map they give you). 

 I had my doubts, thinking we would just have to chalk this trip up as a loss.
When I got out of the car, I was literally taken aback by the views.
The air, the smell of the trees, the chill on the breeze.
Winslow State Park instantly became one of my favorite places on the planet!
Mandatory Ring Shot

My Happy Place

The park boasts a parking area, bathrooms, a picnic pavilion, grills, grass, swings
and breathtaking views.
I felt that I could have stayed for hours,
but Liam was insistent on climbing on the boulders and bedrock in the grassy area.
We had open views to the west and as the sun began to set,
I wished we had gotten married there.
I considered planning a second wedding…
It’s hard to describe the feeling of being on a mountain if you’ve never been on one.
The world below is drowned out by the beauty above.
This place made me feel amazing.


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