Tourist Traps & Door Codes

After 5 days at the awesome Lynches River County Park, we packed up and headed for Charleston, SC. Lynches River was really cool and peaceful and only $8/night for a huge site with water, bathrooms & showers. The park has a ton of amenities and activities including a nature center, splash pad, archery range, canopy walk and river walk. They also have cabins and two RV hook up sites. It’s patrolled regularly and from Tues through Sunday, aside from one guy in an RV, were the only people there.

I’m gonna totally gloat that we got our site packed with just Eric, me & Sam and a toddler and a baby fussing faster than the 5 family group at the other sites.

Score one for being micro management.

Enough of that.

We stopped 3 places to check the tire pressure; all three air machines were broken.

A white sedan on our right drove into our lane, forcing us over, but got their shit together once Eric wailed on the horn. I guess they didn’t see the huge truck to their left?

We grabbed a quick cabin overnight as our backup tent was busted.

We wanted to explore Charleston for its historic significance and decided to hit up Folly Beach and James Island.

We were slightly surprised to discover that Folly Beach was a huge beachfront tourist destination, not at all what we expected. Traffic going in was horrendous.

We explored James Island a bit and visited the James Island County Park Campground. It was utterly packed but beautiful. We were considering a stay but tent sites are $28/night and it’s my opinion that if you’re paying that much for a tent site it better be amazing. It wasn’t amazing enough.

After a stop at WalMart for dinner stuff , we went back to the cabin.

We were at a KOA with tons of RVs there. I’m talking over 50, easily. The park was nice and clean and orderly but boy was it loud. Not because of the RVs ; the main road was a couple hundred yards away and it seemed that every car going by had 4 12in subs in the trunk, which is honestly one of my favorite sounds in the world.

It was nice to sleep in a semi regular bed for a night but it was odd to discover what an adjustment it actually was.

There was no firewood to get- in fact we missed the store by about 10 minutes.

There was no groaning or whispering trees, just hard sided trailers and a paved road with lots of traffic about 15 feet from the cabin door.

The bathroom doors had locks on them and you are given codes to get in. Can’t say I’ve ever seen this at a campground but 🤷🏼‍♀️

Conveniently, the paper with the codes disappeared. I remembered the men’s code but not the women’s. I went over there , thinking if no one was in there I would just use the guys bathroom real quick.

No cigar. Someone was showering.

More peeing outside in the dark.

A note about driving in South Carolina: make sure you take any turn as slowly as possible.



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