Rain & More Rain

Today…there was rain. Torrential, insane rain.

We watched the weather all day yesterday and into the night, making sure we were prepared.

The last forecast I heard was that there would be light rain around 8am ish but very light and then pick back up around 1pm.

Our plan was to wake up between 8&9, our general time -provided that no one frails out and wakes up early for some reason- hang out in the tent until the rain passed and if necessary, use the shelter across the street to cook breakfast.

We planned to visit the caverns (the only caverns in Florida) and return in time to pack up and check out by 1pm.

4:30am: Rain begins its wistful serenade on the tent roof. Miss Baby wakes and demands bottle. Thankfully, she returns quickly back to sleep.

6:30am: The large family group who rented the shelter across the street has congregated in said shelter because of pouring rain and appears to be playing tag and red rover and other such deafening games at…6:30 in the morning.

Mr. Toddler wakes up and then Miss Baby.

7:15: Rain quiets for a second and I decide to go out and start breakfast while Eric changes the baby. Mr. Toddler proceeds to romp through the puddles to his heart’s content .

The boys entertained Miss Baby through the tent door while I rigged the umbrella and donned my sunhat to cook in the rain.


We had sausage, scrambled eggs and French toast , along with campfire coffee with Ovaltine that tasted like chocolate cake😋

The rain increased and soon we were all pretty soaked. I changed Mr. Toddler and started to pack the tent while Eric and Sam packed the outside stuff but eventually it was pouring so hard they took a breather in the tent.

9:45: We packed the whole truck, including kids and a sopping wet tent with no arguing or international incidents. Eric and I high fived each other and the second we shut the tailgate the rain stopped.

3:00ishpm: After driving through the driving rain and finally arriving at the campground, we crossed our fingers and held our breath that the first come first serve incredibly popular cheap campground would have openings on a Saturday 😳

To our delight, there were several and we even managed to land one roomy enough to set up our big tent with plenty of running room for the boys.

We let them out of the truck to stretch.

“I just checked the weather,” I said. “Looks like we’ve got 0.12 of an inch in one hour.”

“Ok. Let’s start setting up.” Eric said and we got to work pulling out the 20×20 tarp.

Within 15 minutes, the wind started whipping around us and the rain started coming down, lightly. Sam grabbed Liam and Emma and hid under the tailgate eating animal crackers 🤦🏼‍♀️

At least it was warm.

By the time we got the middle of the tent standing and all 22 poles in, the wind was threatening to blow it over. By this time the kids were dry in the truck watching cartoons.

The rain was coming down in buckets now, as we used our 12 inch steel spikes to stake the main 8 corners of the tent down😁 we managed to get the rainfly up and dashed to the truck to regroup.

4:10pm: I texted Mom from inside the tent, and sent her a video of the rain coming down in buckets

7:30pm: The rain ultimately subsided and we got to work repairing, drying and setting up camp. We put up our 10×10 canopy over the picnic table so we’d have future shelter from the inevitable random, almost daily rain that Florida seems to have.

8:00ishpm: This little fella wandered through the campsite and took a break on our tarp🐢

9:30pm: Both babies were officially asleep, snug and dry in their beds and we finally collapsed at the picnic table.

After changing into clean, dry clothes, Mr. 9YO took it upon himself to scout for frogs in the mud.

I fall over now.

We got into bed before midnight and slept until 8:00am.

Closing quote of the day:

“I better have arms of steel after thistrip!”


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