Raccoons & Ovaltine

Another day of downpours.

Thankfully, we were already set up, with the canopy over the table and everything tucked away somewhere so it wouldn’t get more wet. Problem was, everything was already wet😁😁

So we went into town, grabbed propane and random stuff at WalMart and killed time wandering around. I swung by Aldi and shopped alone while the kids stayed in the car with Eric.

I gathered our laundry and brought it to the washer and dryer, but it wouldn’t read the card. Sigh.

Around 5pm, the rain finally stopped.

We took a walk and discovered that the washer and dryer did in fact take the card, as long as it was flipped upside down. 🙄

At least we could do our rain sodden laundry.

After a wet and soggy and chilly dragging ass day, the babies were finally asleep and I went out to make a nice, cozy cup of coffee.

I reached for the rich, chocolate Ovaltine that we enjoy in our coffee…and it was gone.

I searched everywhere. Finally, I asked Mr. 9YO if he had seen it, as he had been getting into all sorts of stuff while I was putting the babies to bed.

“Dad had it last.” He told me.

I waited until Eric returned to ask him about the missing Ovaltine and he said last he saw it was right where we left it; on the table behind the stove, right next to the non dairy creamer, easily accessible to pack away before bed.

Eric asked Mr. 9YO if he had seen it.

“Something jumped up on the table and grabbed it and ran off with it into the bushes.”

Meanwhile, Mr. 9YO appears to have a slight ring of chocolate around his mouth, and I so wouldn’t put it past him to sneak off with the Ovaltine and eat it out of the container with a spoon.

“Ok. So you’re telling me that an animal jumped onto the table and decided it wanted the Ovaltine and ran off with the heavy container?”

“Yes! You’ll find it in the woods with bite marks on it!”

Sigh again.

I can’t even.

We were sitting there about 30 minutes later, and a raccoon came into the campsite. We scared it off, and it didn’t return until we had gone to bed. It sniffed around but there was no food so it left.

Mr. 9YO still insists the raccoon ran off with it, though we still have our doubts.

Still, no Ovaltine has resurfaced and our coffee is still bland and boring!



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